7 best ways to pay for business school in France

Written on 13 Feb 2019.

Making the decision to study abroad and following your dream is a big step. Now, the challenge is, how are you going to pay for it.  Many bright students, with excellent academic profiles, are afraid of applying to top business schools because, they think, the tuition fees are too high. If you feel the same way, then we have a solution for you. 

Here are seven of the best ways to pay for business school in France.

1. Funding options at the school level

Not all Business schools offer scholarships to international students, but EDHEC does. In an effort to recruit the world’s brightest minds, the globally-renowned business school offers scholarships to international students on the basis of academic merit.

  • Excellence Scholarship, Distinction Scholarship & Foundation Scholarship, covering between 15% and 30% of tuition fees. Deadlines for these scholarships range between March 31 and June 30.
  • The Make an impact scholarship is open to Master in Management and Master of Science applicants. Students who want to apply for the Make an impact scholarship will need to submit an essay along with their application, detailing their prior experience (volunteering, for example) or plans to get a job that aligns with the United nations Sustainable Development Goals. The scholarship covers 25% of tuition fees. The application deadline is 30 June 2021.
  • Co-Financed Scholarship for Russian & Indian Students: The Co-Financed Scholarship is a joint initiative of EDHEC Business School & the Embassy of France in India / Embassy of France in Russia. This scholarship includes a full tuition fee waiver (Russian students) for a MSc admission or a 50% tuition fee waiver (Indian students) for MiM admission, visa fee, social security, medical coverage, and access to the student housing (CROUS). Deadline to apply for this scholarship is 31 May. Know more from the scholarship holders:  Russian student  & Indian students.
  • A joint graduate loan-scholarship programme for talented Colombian students. To be eligible for the joint loan-scholarship programme, the students must compete, being selected and financed by COLFUTURO, and obtained an offer letter from EDHEC Business School. The awardees have the opportunity to remain abroad to work for a period of three years before coming back to Colombia. Its financial scheme provides a loan of up to USD50,000. COLFUTURO loans can be forgiven up to a maximum of 80%. Learn more.
  • EDHEC-QS Scholarship, covering 50% tuition fee waiver. Deadline April 30th.

Brochure scholarship India

Brochure scholarship Russia


2.  Apply for the Eiffel Scholarship 

The Eiffel Scholarship program, run by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is intended for deserving international students studying for a master’s degree at French schools. To be eligible, you would need to be under the age of 30, hold non-French citizenship and complete your studies in France. If you are interested in Eiffel Scholarship you will first have to get admitted to one of the master program offered at French Business Schools, thereafter, the school will forward your applications to the ministry on your behalf. Applications are accepted from October 10 to January 6 every year, though universities usually stop accepting applications about a month prior to the January deadline, so they have enough time to process them. Results are announced on March 20.


3. Save on rent, thanks to the CROUS

The CROUS, a regional organization that offers bursaries, halls of residence and advice on most student matters is a great resource for information about affordable student housing in France. If you are looking to stay in a residence hall or a logement en ville (private housing), CROUS should also be able to help you with helpful tips and rental listings in your city.


4. Receive housing benefits from the French government

All students at French universities are eligible for housing benefits, including international citizens – however, the exact sum varies depending on your rent and income. To apply, you would need to have an address in France, be enrolled in a student health insurance plan and have opened your own French bank account. Read a brochure in English.


5. Work on campus through an assistantship

Whichever university you choose, it should, like EDHEC, be able to offer you an administration assistantship on top of your loan or scholarship. One of the benefits of these flexible schemes is that they only require you to work a few hours each week, but they do tend to fill up pretty quickly, so don’t miss out. EDHEC offers remunerated administration assistantships.


6. Search for grants and scholarships online on CampusBourses

It’s highly recommended that you search for postgraduate grants and scholarships which you may be eligible for on the website CampusBourses. At the time of writing, 294 grants were listed on the website, including ones offered through the Erasmus program, foreign governments, research bodies, and international organizations. Depending on your nationality and discipline of your studies, you may be eligible for at least one of them, so don’t miss out.


7. Take out a student loan

Prodigy Finance supports international EDHEC students on an MBA or MSc course with min. loans size of US$15,000, with monthly repayments lasting for a period of 7 to 10 years, starting within six months after graduation. Find out more about EDHEC’s Prodigy Finance student loans.