Ask the experts! How to Build a Good Business School Application

6 useful tips for successful application file from EDHEC Business School

Written on 28 Nov 2018.

Every student is curious to know 'what it takes to build a good application file'? How to make a good impression with your application on the selection committee?

Here is all what you need to know, 6 useful tips :

1-  Identify all the submission requirements in advance, go through them carefully and tick the boxes sincerely!yes

Even though online platforms ease a lot of hassle while applying to a business school; an application-process is not a single document or one-step process but a multiple steps procedure where you are asked to submit various documents / credentials/ transcripts / quantitative test scores/ letter of recommendation and SOP etc. Verify application requirements on school's website or with the admission team.

2-  Tailor your application. Be a storyteller and focus on the content.

By storytelling, you are not expected to write an essay on you!  It is to hook the admissions manager to your application. Your entire application should narrate a unique story about your achievements & goal and what is not written or presented in your cv/ resume already. Bring forward the points that you wish them to know; who you are and what you will bring to their campus. Be specific with the choice of programme you wish to follow. 

3-  Make an impact!

Most top rated business schools wish to enroll the game changers. Show your entrepreneurial or creative side and put in advance any hobby that adds value to your application and distinguishes you from the other candidates.  However, being a part of 10 different clubs or having good kitchen skills makes you look like you are confused persona.

4-  Demonstrate interest – very important! 

Every year all the elite business schools receive a significant number of applications. As the percentage of accepted students is extremely important, they really look for the well-deserved candidates.  Therefore, if you do not show your keen interest in joining the school/university you might miss the chance of being part of it. Show to your admissions manager that you really want to join the school / it was your first choice: do some deep research, visit the campus if you can, and try to connect with current students and alumni if possible.

5- Respect the deadlines – start /apply early!

Admit it! A super convincing application is never written overnight.  Especially when you are applying to a top business school. You must give yourself enough time and peace of mind to develop your story with a touch of creativity. In addition, save yourself from all the stress & panic by avoiding last minute applications – it interprets that you are not a serious candidate or not sure about the choice of your school or programme.

Starting early will give you time to make multiple rounds of edits on your statement of purpose or cover letter; give it a final touch before submitting.

6-  Keep motivated and stay in touch with your admissions manager.  

Universities especially business schools appreciates when students try to keep in touch with them – many schools themselves track students who show deep interest.  Try to attend the education fairs or off -campus admissions’ events organised by schools or other educational bodies (QS, Campus France, etc.) near you. Ask for a 1-to-1 appointment with your admissions manager during fairs to discuss your educational and professional plans.  Connecting with the admissions team will also give you an opportunity to acquire more info about the school and have answers to all the questions you have on your mind.