THE GMAT - How it helps graduate Business Schools to make an admission decision?

Written on 14 Nov 2016.

The GMAT has proven to be a good indicator on how a candidate will perform during the programme and is now becoming a key element in the professional recruitment arena. For instance, the quantitative section enables EDHEC's Committee to assess your ability to cope with its demanding finance related programmes. On the other hand, the analytical section will be a substantial part in business management related courses. Other factors, such as, your motivation to join the school, yout career objectives, background and previous academic performance will also be considered. So achieving a high score on the test will support your application, be it for the Master in Management or Master of Science programme.


While the *GMAT is an important component of an EDHEC application procedure, it is still just one aspect of the admissions criteria. A high score does not guarantee admission, and a below average score does not eliminate you. For instance, if more than one score has been reported to the school, the highest score will be considered.

 ♦  Useful info

You can register for your test on the GMAT website (3QQWQ01 school code) or the GRE website and request your score report to be sent to EDHEC.

 ♦  What is considered as a good score to get admitted to EDHEC Business School? 

While a minimum score is not required, the 2016 classes show:


  • Average GMAT score: 640
  • Range of GMAT scores for admitted students: 550 – 780
  • 60% range of GMAT scores: 640 – 780


 ♦  How / when and where to apply / register?

   All the information on GMAT is available here

 ♦  When to start the preparations?

The key to a good GMAT score is preparation and study, and most students agree that time and effort invested eventually pays off. Hence, an early preparation will help you to earn good score.  For more information on the GMAT preparations click here


The impact on my acceptance
Valentin Hofmann, German, Edhec – 2017, MSc Financial Markets student, 710 GMAT Scorer

 The GMAT can be really helpful for your application process as you can underline your quantitative strengths with a high score, enabling you to secure the offers and scholarships you need. I was looking for a programme in an international environment with classmates that share the same passion for finance. I selected the MSc in Financial Markets programme because I was looking for a specialised programme that skips the basics and starts right where I left off as an undergraduate student, helping me to specialise in the area I am interested in.

Almost two months into the programme, I can say that I made the right decision. The programme curriculum is really focussed, yet covers everything you need in your field of interest. My gmat preparations and results really helped me stand out and get admitted into a programme that was of high interest to me!

*GRE, Tage Mage and CAT exam / test results are also accepted at EDHEC