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At a Glance

The Master in Management (MiM), Business Management track, also known as "Grande École", is a two-year academic programme, taught entirely in English. It is designed to provide you with the academic background and competencies required for an international career in business management. 

The MiM in Business Management will appeal to you if you are a graduate-level student or young professional—a self-motivated learner with high intellectual capacity—wishing to have a career in business. It awards a Master in Management degree with the opportunity to complete a Master of Science. One programme option is the Apprenticeship Track that provides an opportunity to study while gaining valuable professional experience.

You will acquire the fundamentals of business management and gain competencies and personal skills valued by employers. The Master in Management (MiM), Business Management benefits from its close ties with leading companies and the valued support of its Corporate Programme Sponsors, Academic & Learning Partners: Elan, LinkcityCapgemini InventCirque du Soleil, Groupe SEB, HEC Montréal, initiativesETcité, La Condition Publique, Sopra Steria, and Prisma Media.

Length: 2-year academic programme
Language: English 
Location: Lille Campus 

Start Date: Early Sept-22 
Deadline to apply: 30-June-22 

Upon completion of the Master in Management (MiM), Business Management track you will master all of the specific knowledge, abilities and personal attributes required for success in life and the business world. Graduates of the programme are innovative thinkers who can easily adapt to change and excel in complex situations.

Year 1 - Sept. 2022 − May 2023

Master 1 - Foundation Year

You will learn the fundamentals of business management through academic coursework and will have constant interaction with business executives. As part of the business management track, you will be exposed to challenging business related topics from day 1.

Year 2 - June 2023 − August 2024

Your Professional Immersion or exchange programmes

QUALIFICATION AND SPECIALISATION INTERNSHIPS: An outstanding opportunity to acquire your first professional work experience through two internships of 6 months each and to leverage your international profile through work experience. You may also opt for a 6-month exchange at  a partner university.

Year 3 - Sept. 2024 onwards

Master 2 (MSc) Advanced specialisation

You will return for your final year of studies and specialise in an area of business, from a choice of :

♦  Strategy, Organisation & Consulting

♦  Marketing Management

♦  Entrepreneurship & Innovation

♦  LL.M. in Law & Tax Management

♦  Creative Business & Social Innovation

♦  Global Business & Sustainable Business

♦  Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

♦ MSc in Management & Leadership

 International Accounting & Finance (Nice campus)

You may choose to take part in an exchange programme or pursue a double degree at a partner university.

As part of the Master in Management, you may choose the Apprenticeship Track located on the Paris campus. This 24-month, part-time track, created in 2006, has placed 1550 apprenticeships (125 places each year) with 300 partner companies. This track, which alternates one week of classroom attendance and three weeks in-company, offers a unique opportunity to combine theory and practice and to develop highly marketable skills.

The Apprenticeship Track accommodates constant rotations between EDHEC and companies and enables you to capitalise on the experience gained. You will receive a monthly salary and the remaining tuition fees are paid by the company. French is recommended for positions in France. 

For your final year, you will choose between two specialisations:

  • Business Management (major in Marketing & Business Development or Organisation Development & Consulting)
  • Financial Management (major in Corporate Finance or Capital Markets)

The first semester is spent on the campus in Lille where you will follow the M1 courses and will find your apprenticeship with the support of the Career Centre. Thereafter you will follow your courses on our Paris campus. A two-year contract is drawn up between the company, EDHEC, and you, agreeing to the conditions and monthly salary. 

To join this programme, any students applying must have a sufficient level of French - C1 minimum (be very fluent, be able to write emails, contracts, letters, have interviews and recruitment test in French, etc.)

For more information on this track, please contact the admissions team





Average Age
Languages Spoken
Age Range


Previous Academic Discipline

Business Management

Litterature & Business


Finance & Economics


Key Figure

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EUROPE 74% in France


Main Sectors


Busines Development / Sales


Marketing / Digital Marketing


Main Selection Criteria for the 1st Job

Adapted to Career Plans (salary / company's reputation / job description / sector)


Key Recruiters






"By choosing EDHEC, you join an international community committed to your success. Our professors hail from around the world, our alumni work across all continents and our students learn and live in a multicultural context. At EDHEC, you join a school with entrepreneurial spirit running through its DNA, from student association life and cutting-edge academic programmes to our start-up incubators and research centres. Known for academic excellence and top-ranked business education, our mission is to prepare you for success in the challenging business environment that demands agility, innovation, and social responsibility. Along the journey, you will experience the best of business education, develop your professional and leadership skills, build life-long friendships and unleash your potential."

Gerguana Guintcheva, Director, Business Management


Our teaching methods are aimed to give you the core competencies necessary to compete in a complex and competitive business environment. You will learn to deepen your analytical thinking, develop practical skills, and design creative strategies for business success.

Our methodology includes:

 Core curriculum 

  • Embraces the latest technology
  • Responds to trends in the market
  • Co-developed with leading business partners

♦  Blended learning

  • Tutorials
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Seminars

♦  Applied learning 

  • Business Games
  • Case Studies
  • Entrepreneurship Projects

♦  Personal performance coaching

  • Interviewing strategies
  • Teamwork development
  • Intercultural communication skills

ANTIOCO Michael, PhD

Professor - Dean of Faculty and Research

BARLATIER Pierre-Jean, PhD

Associate Professor

BARUAH Raginee

Assistant Professor


Lecturer, Member of the EDHEC Family Business Research Centre
European Legal Strategy


Assistant Professor
Operations & Supply Chain, Strategic Management


Associate Professor
Organizational Behaviour, Family Business


Professor, Member of the EDHEC Family Business Research Centre
Family Business, Business History, Strategic Management

CAUCHIE Grégoire, PhD

Associate Professor

CERVELLON Marie-Cécile, PhD

Professor - Head of Faculty Marketing

CHARKI Mohamed Hédi, PHD

Associate Professor
Social Network Analytics, Information Systems


Assistant Professor



COLEY Gilles

Associate Professor - Coordinator of Accounting and Control Department

COLLARD Christophe

Professor - Co-director of LL.M Law & Tax Management - Member of EDHEC Augmented Law Institute


Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Data Science, Economics & Finance

DALY Peter, PhD

Professor & Director, MSc in Management Studies
Communications, Management


MBA Executive Director & Professor


Associate Professor


Head of Leadership Development Chair & Professor

DEGLAIRE Emmanuelle, PhD

Associate Professor, Member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Law, Tax

DENIS Etienne, PhD

Assistant Professor

DICKSON Elisabeth

Head of Modern Languages & Professor

DU JARDIN Philippe, PhD

Associate Professor & Researcher at the EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre
Information Technology


Head of Faculty (Law), Professor & Member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Law, Business ethics


Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Academic Director of the Msc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Director of the EDHEC Value Creation research centre - Academic Director of MSc Financial Management in European Apprenticeship Track - Director of Executive MBA & Professor
Accounting, Finance

GOLDZAHL Léontine, PhD

Associate Professor, Member of the EDHEC Economics Research Centre


Assistant Professor


Associate Professor
Financial Analysis, Banking, Management Control


Director Business Management track, Programme Director MSc in Marketing Management & Professor

HERBIN Frédéric, PHD

Associate Professor


Associate Professor, Director of the Open-leadership Chair

JUNGST Martijn, PhD

Associate Professor and Coordinator International Academic Affairs

KAMBLE Sachin, PhD

Professor of Strategy
Operations & Supply Chain


Assistant Professor - Marketing

Photo Karin Kollenz




Head of EDHEC Family Business Research Centre - Associate Professor


Operations & Supply Chain

LIOUKAS Konstantinos, PhD

Associate Professor

LONGUET Patrick, PhD

Associate Professor

LORRAIN Isabelle, phd

Associate Professor

MACÉ Serge, PhD

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Data Sciences, Finance and Economics, Member of the Economics research Centre

MALGIERI Gianclaudio, PhD

Associate Professor, Researcher at the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, September 2020

MARI Isabelle, PhD

Associate Professor, member of the EDHEC Family Business Research Centre
Management, Strategy

MARS Marie-Catherine, PHD

Associate Professor & Deputy Head of Faculty (Marketing)

MAURY Tristan-Pierre, PHD

Professor, Member of the Economics Research Centre


Associate Professor

MEYFREDI Jean-Christophe, phd

EDHEC International BBA Director - Management Studies & Professor

MONNET Bertrand

Research Director, Head of the chair Criminal Risks Management, Lecturer

PECHEUX Claude Luce, phd



Professor & Director MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting
Operations & Supply Chain

PRADIES Camille, PhD

Assistant Professor


Director of the EDHEC Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair - Professor
Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Technology Management, Strategy

RONSSE Anne-Lise, PhD

Associate Professor

ROQUILLY Christophe, PhD

Professor - Director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, Co-Head of LL.M Law & Tax Management - Professor

RUAUD Sabine



Associate Professor, Member of the EDHEC Family Business Centre


Professor - Director of the MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation

SERIO Dominique

Associate Professor

SISTO Michelle, PhD

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Decision Science




Assistant Professor

TOVSTIGA George, phd


UHLANER Lorraine, PhD



Associate Professor, Member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute


Associate Professor
Corporate Social Responsability



VERBEECK Cédric, phd

Assistant Professor
Operations & Supply Chain


Associate Professor
Information Technology

VERY Philippe, PhD

Professor, Head of Faculty (Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Operations)






Assistant Professor
Data Science, Data Science

This course's primary objective is to help you answer several important strategic questions for companies or organizations such as What business shall we be in? How to compete for resources and create value? How to organize for and assess performance. We will achieve this using analytical tools and concepts. The course is organized mostly in tutorials with some lectures, both formats are meant to be interactive and value student contribution. We will work on relatively small groups of half-cohorts where students will work on the case. Each analytical tool and concept will be introduced by referring to real-world business situations.

This course focuses on financial statement analysis. It is designed to equip students with a conceptual framework that helps them understand how businesses generate value and how this value is captured in financial statements. The use of financial statements is predominant for investors and creditors and is also highly relevant to the decisions of managers, consultants, auditors, analysts and regulators. After completing the course, you should be able to measure wealth creation, the level of investment in working capital and capital expenditure, company financing, leverage and profitability. The course demonstrates how financial statement analysis can reduce uncertainty and increase confidence in business decisions.

The objective of this course is to provide a solid grounding in the principles of corporate finance (capital budgeting, cost of financing projects, capital structure). You will learn to compute the cash flows of a project, compute the return of a project, understand the relationship between risk and return of financial assets, estimate the cost of equity and the weighted average cost of capital of a firm, and understand the cost and benefits of debt financing relative to equity financing.

The purpose of this course is to give you the fundamental knowledge of marketing. You will learn the role of marketing in the (global) organization and how to be responsible and well-informed decision-makers. In a context where marketing is often criticized for lacking (numerical) inputs, and sometimes even valid and reliable market data, our aim in this class is also to insist on creating financially viable solutions for the corporate partner, Procter & Gamble, which will sponsor this fundamental marketing management course. Completion of this course will prepare you to successfully secure and hold any marketing management position within a company.

A company’s human resources represent the most powerful form of capital for organizational success. Thus, the question is: how can one implement people management practices that facilitate individual and organizational effectiveness? This course will provide you with solid, evidence-based knowledge on Human Resource Management that is also actionable. You will learn about theoretical concepts and frameworks to help you in diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of HR policies and identify ways in which the knowledge gained in the course can be applied in organizations to make them more productive. Completion of the course will give you a better understanding of some of the essential aspects of working in groups; including team effectiveness, managing team diversity, handling conflict, and negotiation skills applied to both national and multicultural teams.

The updated Spreadsheet Modeling course teaches students how to use Microsoft Excel as both a reporting tool and a modelling tool for solving business problems. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced users of Microsoft Excel. The course begins with an in-depth tour of the Excel environment and includes many helpful shortcuts and tips for mastering the functions in Excel. Students apply this knowledge to creating spreadsheet models, powerful tools for analyzing data and making business decisions. The course is set in a fictional bakery specializing in French pastries. Students use the features of Microsoft Excel to study product costs, determine pricing and track payroll. They build spreadsheet models to help make informed business decisions. The course closes with the Monte Carlo simulation, a tool for understanding the effect of uncertainty on business decisions.

REVAS Business Game is a two-day event aimed at achieving the following specific objectives:

  • To incorporate the challenges of business development into cross-functional decisions
  • To assess the relative importance of strategy, management capabilities, finance, and marketing, in business dynamics
  • To monitor business performance and reflect on one's learning process and contribution

Businesses engage with many different kinds of value that are important for various constituents of society. For example, they can pay dividends, provide work and income, make products and services, consider the environment, avoid child labour, and so on. Multiple value creation has (re)gained the explicit attention of practitioners and scholars under the label of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this course, you will learn some of the strategic challenges this poses to managers, and the opportunities it promises for developing new business models

The course examines how the principles and techniques of cost and management accounting can help managers to monitor and efficient running of a business strategy. You will learn how management accounting information can be collected, analysed, disseminated and interpreted in order to make decisions, and make plans based on those decisions.

Digitalisation of organisations’ processes have become prevalent and fundamental to the success of any organisation. Based on a blended learning approach, the Management of Information Systems (MIS) course aims at helping you in understanding the degree of Information Systems that can be mobilised to help in pursuing organisations’ business goals and in answering key business problems that need to rely on IS to be solved. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to evaluate and manage IT projects.

Successful companies need to have the capability of delivering high-quality products and/or services to meet their customer demands in a timely and cost-effective manner. Operation management is the set of processes (planning, organising, directing, and controlling resources) that will achieve this objective. Through practical experience in teamwork, you will acquire skills in designing processes, applying basic quantitative methods, performing process mapping, and assessing the performance of processes.

You will learn how the legal environment impacts managerial decision-making. This course is not based on a technical approach to legal issues but favors both institutional and organizational visions of how law matters for business strategy and operations.

The course addresses the following questions: what is the importance and what are the barriers to innovation? What are the key steps of an innovation process and what are the tools and techniques to master it? How to manage innovation in the long run? You will develop your innovative senses and capabilities by participating in the EDHEC Open Innovation challenge, during which you will work in teams to solve real business cases provided by operational managers from 20+ companies like Decathlon, Carrefour, Ubisoft, L’Oreal, Christian Dior, and PWC

While IQ is the best indicator for educational status, Emotional Intelligence seems to be the best determinant of one’s level of personal achievement and success in most professions (Goleman 2006). This seminar will provide the opportunity to experience 4 out of 5 Goleman’s competencies: that are Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Empathy, and Social skills

The concept of gamification has been coined to describe gaming with a business purpose. The process doesn’t simply refer to adding gaming mechanisms into a product/service which in turn automatically become more performant. Rather gamification
  uses game design elements and principles to make everyday tasks more engaging for consumers. In this course, you will get acquainted with gamification basic principles which go along with a rangeof psychological principles and techniques. Then, you will acquire applicable tools in order to be able to integrate gamification inbusiness environment and learn how to engage audiences.

This course aims to:

  • Explain the notion of interest rate of bonds, and the associated topics (actuarial rate, duration...)
  • Show the absence of arbitrage principle and its consequence on the valuation of financial products.
  • Present the main characteristics of the most common derivatives and some of their practical applications.

Development and computer sciences mastery is now creating a gap between departments or organization. In this class, you will learn how to master the basics of nocode to be able to develop your own custom-made digital solution.

Being digitally savvy has become a prerequisite to succeeding in marketing, especially when it comes to communications. This course aims at equipping you with the understanding and importantly the tools to run digital campaigns with confidenceand impact.

Discover and master the main graphic design tools to communicate efficiently via printed documents and social media networks.

In a business world which is more and more consumer centric, understanding market research role becomes critical. This class will provide an understanding of the core principles of market research, as well as concrete skills around quantitative
questionnaire building and analysis writing from a professional and real-life point of view.

To manage large amount of data, design customized functions and to automatize tasks, knowledge in VBA has become a must have. The aim of the course is

  • to give you a strong basis in VBA, a kick start to discover the programming features on Excel;
  • to deepen your knowledge on the basics of VBA towards the manipulation of multiple objects with user-oriented procedures.

As one of the most prevalent revolutions of the past century, globalization has deeper and deeper impacts on a growing number of fields. This course aims at understanding the impacts of globalization on cultural diversity and at gauging to which extent culture (or cultural dimension) can constitute a powerful growth lever for territories, people and companies.

Understand Solidarity and Non-Profit Organisations in terms of structures, management, communication, governance, to keep on following the complexity of global evolution (history, professionalism, operational set up, new counterparts...).

Give a first approach of the specific exercise that is the sequence analysis. The main goal is to give you the basic knowledge (in terms of technical and aesthetic aspects) of cinema language (dialogue analysis, sound, cinema lighting, camera movements, narrator, editing etc.)

This course is aimed at understanding the principles and the role of microfinance in developing countries.

Almost all economic and financial decisions take place in a risky or uncertain environment. The course provides a theoretical basis and some empirical evidence, about the way individuals take decision in such an environment. It is directly related to the exploding field of behavioral economics and finance. We explain in particular why people can be simultaneously risk-seeker in some contexts and risk-averse in some others, how to model optimism and pessimism, and how they perceive risk when no objective probabilities are available. We show how our theoretical framework apply to various phenomena, ranging from climate change, prenatal tests, Hyundai’s marketing to the equity market premium, the house money effect, the break-even effect, criminality and the intensity of R&D efforts.

By introducing you to a large range of methods and techniques within the field of conflict management and resolution, we will address how states, individual leaders and international institutions have endeavored to tackle some of the most complex, reoccurring security issues and the results of these efforts in an evolving world. A number of approaches will be subject to examination in regard to both their effectiveness and limits. The second half of the course will be dedicated to an in-class crisis simulation which will allow you to formulate and act in the place of decision makers and provide you the opportunity to develop the necessary critical thinking skills to resolve the most complex contemporary security questions.

This course will present the elements that will allow you to understand why conspiracy theories are spreading so fast and finding their way inside the mind of everyone (young and old, graduated or not). How to prevent conspiracy theory from booming?To be able to fight them, you must understand the cognitive biases that they exploit and learn when to suspend your intuitive judgement when facing complex information or dubious sources. The course will help you strengthen your critical mind and look at media content with a critical eye.

Industry 4.0 which is a combination of various physical and digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, adaptive robotics, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, and Internet of Things (IoT) plays a significant role in developing digital transformation strategy comprising of both the production and service systems. The main aim of industry 4.0 is to enhance the resource efficiency and productivity of the organizations. This course is aimed to provide comprehensive knowledge on the implementation aspects of Industry 4.0 and its applications in the manufacturing sector. The course will help you to evaluate the companies on your path to digital transformation and overcome the problems in their way.

Nearly all large- and many medium-sized firms operate in multiple markets and are therefore implementing some kind of corporate growth. These firms have undergone enormous change in the last thirty years. The merger and acquisition booms of the sixties and eighties extended the scope of many existing corporations. New forms of organization, such as the LBO partnerships of the eighties, provoked a debate about the efficacy of corporate hierarchies. More recently, capital market pressures have forced many organizations to reassess their portfolio of businesses, level of overhead, and the way they coordinate and control their business activities. In response to these pressures a variety of new institutional arrangements, such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, and virtual firms, have come into prominence.

Business managers are confronted with a wide range of problems, within a multinational and competitive market, which need a decision. Instead of taking decisions intuitively, managers should be able to understand and interpret (large amounts of) data and to base their decisions on the results of data analysis and model building. This course offers the tools and methodology to make sound decisions.

The last decades have witnessed a shift of economic activity from standalone firms to interfirm alliances, as the escalation of competition and the acceleration of innovation cycles make it increasingly difficult for firms to develop new technologies and to market their products on their own. Thus strategic alliances between firms are becoming increasingly important as a source of superior performance and competitive advantage. This course aims at investigating how to manage successfully strategic alliances or partnerships at each stage of the alliance process: the initial alliance formation, the alliance design, the evolution and maturity of the alliance, etc.

The updated Spreadsheet Modeling course will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel 2013 as both a reporting tool and a modeling tool for solving business problems. It is appropriate for both beginning and experienced users of Microsoft Excel. The course begins with an in-depth tour of the Excel environment and includes many helpful shortcuts and tips for mastering the functions in Excel. You will apply this knowledge to creating spreadsheet models, powerful tools for analyzing data and making business decisions.

International Opportunities




Studying abroad will deepen your exposure to the political, economic and social dynamics that influence today’s business world. This global insight can greatly improve your management practices and your intercultural awareness. The knowledge and experience gained while studying abroad will set you apart on the international recruitment market and give you skills that last a lifetime.

- Richard PERRIN, Executive Director for International Relations

If you wish to have a competitive edge in the job market, then you can opt for EDHEC’s double degree agreements with leading international universities.

Enrich your global profile and develop a specialisation in a specific field in management (Information Technology, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics, etc.) during this two-semester programme (one full academic year) which replaces the Master 2 year at EDHEC.

The list of global academic partners can be accessed here.   

You may complete a short-term or full-year exchange in your final year of study or between your Master 1 and Master 2. These study abroad opportunities will allow you to explore new subjects, develop your international reach and realize a professional project.

The list of global academic partners can be accessed here.  

The Stanford Summer International Honors Program (SIHP) combines top notch teaching with cultural, social and geographical activities. As an EDHEC Master 1 student you can study for 8 weeks on the Palo Alto campus. A large set of courses are available in topics such as innovation, data management, oral communication and economics.

Upon completion of the required courses, you will receive a Stanford SIS Certificate.

Erasmus+ is the EU's program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. It provides opportunities to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad. Find out more about Erasmus+ program here.

Career Centre

EDHEC Career Centre helps you to master your career plan.

A dedicated team organises numerous training and recruitment events, on- and off-campus, to prepare you for challenging international recruitment processes and to help you network with potential employers.


Understanding and developing the attributes and skills employers require is key to employability. This is why the EDHEC Career Centre offers a programme specifically designed to help master’s students define and achieve their career goals ‒ the EDHEC Career Booster. The programme looks at students' specific needs, wants and goals in the context of their professional development and matches them to job-market requirements.

Your career objectives

  • Know yourself
  • Identify your strengths
  • Set your career goals
  • Define your job-search strategy  

Your career training 

  • Hone your skills
  • Master the most competitive recruitment processes 

Your career opportunities 

  • Understand your target sectors and markets
  • Meet your future employer 

Eighty percent of our EDHEC Career Services for students are tailored to individual needs and career goals.  

Through a four-step programme, which includes self- and 360-degree assessment, you will get to know yourself better, identify your strengths, key attributes and areas for development, and define your career goals and job-search strategy. You will benefit from year-round individual career advice from dedicated counsellors, external experts and coaches, both on campus and remotely, as well as personalised coaching based on our in‑house assessment.

Through voluntary and mandatory career training, workshops, CV clinics and assessment centres, you will hone your skills and learn to master the most competitive recruitment processes. As an MSc student, you will benefit from customised training by industry, market and function, in addition to individual mock interviews, including technical interviews and case practice. EDHEC Career Centre also offers a fully online career development programme that allows you to train at your own pace, in line with your goals. 

EDHEC Career Centre organises more than 120 events annually, focusing on industry-specific insights or jobs, market trends and companies. It also organises four company trips to Dublin, London, Luxembourg and Paris. You will have access to exclusive internships and job offers.  

List of services Career Centre provides:

  • Individual career counseling (on campus, via phone, via skype) with internal and external counselors
  • Help to define career goals and search strategy
  • CV and CL correction in English and French
  • Career training and workshops (CV, CL, application forms, interview skills, networking, social media, personal branding, etc.)
  • Graduate Programmes
  • On-campus events
  • Off-campus events
  • Website with plenty of career resources
  • Placement reports
  • The Teaching Factory concept

Every year EDHEC Career Centre organises a number of events throughout the year to give its students an opportunity to learn about job and internship opportunities offered by companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations where they might like to work with.

  • 60,000 internships and 33,500 job offers posted on EDHEC’s dedicated jobs board every year
  • 40% international mobility in our master’s degrees
  • 400+ companies involved in our events every year, 20% of them international 
  • 100+ corporate partners   
  • 300+ regular recruiters
  • 120+ career events
  • Finance Career Days
  • International Graduate Programme Day
  • Industry-specific events: luxury, audit, marketing, etc.
  • Dublin, London, Luxembourg & Paris company treks

Learn more about the various events organised by the career centre department. 

Programme Insights

Jianwei ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Chenyi Jiang, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Business Development specialist - Rexroth
Luca Tagliarini, Italian, EDHEC-2020


- 22-06-2022
EDHEC is extending its range of academic partnerships in Europe and North America for Business Management students.   EDHEC's international relations team has just signed new partnerships for the EDHEC Master's program. These partnerships allow students to study on another continent, to open up to specialities...
- 08-06-2022
After a few years of professional experience in the IT industry, Siddharth Tiwari felt something was missing. He wanted to learn about entrepreneurship and innovations. EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation fitted his bill. He is a Senior Business Development Associate at Sparksense.co.   What was your...
- 31-05-2022
Maximillien Wundermann graduated with a Master’s in Management-Global Economic Transformation & Technology in 2020. He decided to stay in the United States upon completion of the 3-year program. Maximilien is Chief Marketing Officer at Mettcover Global, a US-based company in Nevada.   You graduated from EDHEC...



  • FEES*: €36,300 (EU students) / € 41,900 (non-EU students)

► Please Note: Applications are received and evaluated on a rolling basis until 30th of June 2022.

Fees include : 
  • Tuition fees; including academic exchanges & double degrees (certain double degrees may require additional fees)
  • Access to the EDHEC Career Centre with personal career coaching during your studies and for the duration of your professional life
  • Access, as a matriculating student, to on-campus facilities (incubator, learning centre, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Lifetime access to the EDHEC Alumni community
  • Administrative fees


The EDHEC Master in Management degree is a level 7 qualification (Bac +5) jointly awarded by the French State which confers the Grade Master. This degree is certified by the CNCP (Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle) under the RNCP registration code 25332.

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change.

EDHEC seeks talented candidates from diverse backgrounds, with a history of academic achievement and demonstrated potential for growth and professional success.

♦  3-year bachelor degree minimum. Note: For French degree holders, please go through AST2 application.
English proficiency tests with minimum scores of:

  • TOEFL Internet-based ≥ 92
  • TOEIC ≥ 850
  • IELTS ≥ 6.5
  • Cambridge Test of English ≥ 175

► English native speakers or those holding a degree taught in English (minimum 3 years) are eligible for an English Test waiver

Strong GMAT or GRE or TAGE MAGE or CAT* official test score report (CAT* for Indian students only)

♦  CV
♦  Letter of motivation
♦  Academic transcripts
♦  2 letters of recommendation
♦  Online interview to complete

EDHEC welcomes applications from candidates of all nationalities.

Apply online here.

Your application file will be processed by the Admissions Team and sent to the Selection Committee for appraisal. The Selection Committee takes place on a rolling basis from October to June 30th. It is advised to apply early in order to stand out.

You will be informed by email on the progress of your file including the final decision.

♦  If you are a new user, you must create your account / Sign up.
♦  If you already have an account (candidate EDHEC student), please jump directly to step 5 by clicking on the "Apply online" button. It means you are already in the system, so there is no need to "create your account".
♦  After creating your own account you will receive a validation e-mail. Click on the link provided in this mail to activate your account.
♦  You will then receive a confirmation containing your personal login and password.
♦  Once you register or if you already have a valid EDHEC account, access the online-application form and enter your login.


♦  To avoid losing your information during your application, please do not refresh the current page or go back to the previous one without saving your application first.
♦  Your application may be done in several stages. The information entered each time will not be lost.
♦  Before going to the tab "Payment", please check that you have not forgotten any element of your application file and that all the information is correct. Further modifications will not be possible after payment has been made.
♦  Application fees must be paid online.
♦  After validation, your application will reach to the final stage and no reimbursement will be possible, even in the event of your withdrawal.
♦  If you encounter any technical problems during the completion of your online application, please send an email to: [email protected]
♦  Important Note: Please use only ONE email address to submit your Online Application and to communicate with the Admissions team.

As part of EDHEC's strategic plan "Impact Future Generations", EDHEC has been committed to enabling talented students to pursue their studies through a diverse & transparent scholarship scheme. The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs also offers a large number of grants and scholarships and there are numerous bodies worldwide supporting the study of international students joining a Master's program. Below is a comprehensive view of scholarships, grants and loans available. 

Scholarships and financial aids can be critical factors when it comes to embarking on a Master's program, so we aim to make the process as simple as possible. All admitted candidates are automatically considered for an EDHEC scholarship. Results from the scholarship committee are announced by email at the same time as the admission result. No additional document is required apart from scholarships marked with a *.


EDHEC Academic Excellence Scholarship offers high-potential candidates up to 50% reduction on their tuition fees. The scholarship supports high-profile candidates based on the excellence of their academic profile, impressive experience and extracurricular activities.

Deadline: June 30th.


A selective range of country and sector specific scholarships are also available, all subject to a June 30th deadline; full details below:

  • EDHEC Women in Finance and Data Science Scholarship - grants 35% reduction on tuition fees
  • EDHEC Women in Business Scholarship - grants up to 35% reduction on tuition fees
  • EDHEC Cultural Diversity Scholarships - grants up to 40% reduction on tuition fees


  • EDHEC Refugee or Conflict Zone scholarship - EDHEC is proud to welcome refugees or from conflict-affected nations candidates willing to study a Master's program. This is EDHEC's aim to promote peace, diversity and inclusion worldwide. One of the main ways we can help is to provide assistance through a reduction of up to 75% on tuition fees, giving an opportunity to receive quality higher education at EDHEC.
    • Who can apply: during our admissions processes we take into consideration the context in which applicants have achieved their academic qualifications and will notify at the time of admissions if the EDHEC Refugee or Conflict Zone scholarship is granted.
  • EDHEC Make an Impact Scholarship* is open to Master in Management and Master of Science applicants and covers 35 % of the tuition fees.
    • How to apply: students who wish to apply for the EDHEC Make an Impact Scholarship will need to submit an essay of 1000-1500 words along with their application, detailing their career plan. The essay should describe their prior experience, explain how the Master of their choice will contribute to their career plan and, their personal motives for making an impact on UN sustainable development goals throughout their career. 
  • EDHEC High Impact - Future Chinese Alumni Scholarship* is a joint co-sponsored scholarship with the EDHEC China Alumni Club awarding 10 Chinese students who are willing to make an impact on the EDHEC China Alumni community in the future, by granting them 50% reduction on their tuition fees.
    • Who can apply: Chinese students who have been accepted into EDHEC's Master's programs with high ranks from our selection committee.
    • How to apply: students who wish to apply for this scholarship should write an essay describing their prior experience, explain how the Master of their choice will contribute to their career plan. Applicants to this scheme will be invited to take an online interview.
    • Deadline: May 15th.

EDHEC scholarships are not cumulative.

  • EDHEC French Embassy Co-Financed in Russia is a joint initiative of EDHEC Business School & the Embassy of France in Russia. This scholarship is offered to the Russian citizens and to Russian students (1 scholarship of 100% for a MSc program) graduated from Russian Universities with an excellent academic background, clear academic vison and career objectives.
    • Who can apply: Russian students who have been accepted with high ranks from our faculty in one of EDHEC’s 1-year MSc programs.
    • How to apply and deadline: Students should complete their application file before 15th May and if accepted, must confirm their seats before 31st May.
    • More information: please contact EDHEC Admissions Representative for Russia, Julia Dubina at [email protected]
  • EDHEC French Embassy Co-Financed in India is a joint initiative of EDHEC Business School & Embassy of France in India. This scholarship is offered to two Indian students (2 scholarships of 50% for MiM Programs) with an excellent academic background and clear career objectives.
    • Who can apply: Indian students who have been accepted into EDHEC's Master in Management programs with high ranks from our selection committee.
    • How to apply and deadline: Students should complete their application file before 15th May and if accepted, must confirm their seats before 31st May.
    • More information: please contact EDHEC Country Manager for India, Nilesh Gaikwad at [email protected]

Through established and strong partnerships with local & international bodies, EDHEC has secured a number of grants and financial aids helping talented students join their dream program.


  •  QS-EDHEC Scholarship is an exclusive scholarship to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour. Scholarship value:  50% reduction of tuition fees.



  • By EDHEC exclusively for e-fellows.net students and Master Day participants



  • Colfuturo (Fundacion para el Futuro de Colombia)











  • By Fundacion Mexicana Para La Educacion, La Tecnologia y La Cienca (FUNED
  • Bourse Banco de México – by FIDERH (Fondo para el desarrollo de Recursos Humanos)





  • Bourse 'AVENIR' Scholarships by the French Embassy in Spain


The EIFFEL Scholarship offers financial support to high-achieving international candidates. It awards about €1200 per month. The scholarship is financed and managed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

  • Who can apply: Any students under 25-year-old with an excellence profile and:
    • GMAT 650 or above (GRE accepted). Please note that it is not mandatory for programmes not requiring this GMAT test. 
    • Acceptable English proficiency tests/certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS)
      • TOEFL Internet-based ≥ 92
      • TOEIC ≥ 850
      • IELTS ≥ 6.5
      • Cambridge Test of English > 175
    • Excellent academic records (GPA)
    • Strong motivation and clear objectives
    • Awards, previous scholarships, achievements etc.
  • Deadline: Complete applications must be sent to EDHEC before 1st December 2022 for a Sept 2023 intake
  • More information:

EIFFEL and EDHEC scholarships cannot be combined.




  • French Embassies offer a number of scholarships which are available for excellent students from all over the world. 
  • Campus France is a French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility. Campus France manages CampusBourses, a grant search engine that is an essential tool for financing your education in France.









































  • Apply to: Deutscher; Akademischer Austauschdienst e. V. (DAAD) Referat 312, Postfach 200 404, D-53134
  • By BAföG  (for MiM programmes)














































































The International Students Office (ISO) assists students to settle in smoothly in France by organising orientation events and multicultural seminars to welcome international students to EDHEC Campuses in Lille and Nice. The team guides students with administrative procedures before their arrival and during their stay and answers all questions about French systems (medical and home insurances, banks, resident permits, etc.). 

Discover the International Students Office website


What are the deadlines to apply for the programmes? 

  • 30th June 2022

Do you accept scanned documents?

  • Yes, you can make scanned colour copies of the documents required.

Should the application file and the two recommendation letters be typed or written freehand?

  • Template Recommendation
  • Recommendation letters: our templates can be used or written freehand.

Will the International Admissions’ team contact the referees to send the letters of recommendation?

  • No, referees should email their letters of recommendation directly to [email protected] using their professional email. Emails from personal accounts such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. will not be accepted.

Will my referees receive an automatic confirmation when they send the letters by email?

  • No, no automatic email will be sent to your referees. Please inform them that they should expect to receive an email confirmation later from the Admissions’ team.
  • Please note that you will be copied to this email as well to acknowledge the good reception of the letters of recommendation.

Will I have an interview with the Programme Manager?

  • There is no direct interview with the Programme Manager for students applying for our MIM or MSc programmes unless the Programme Director thinks it is necessary.

How is the Online interview conducted?

  • Once your online application is complete, the International Admissions Team will send you a link to take your online interview in English. It is a series of 6 questions on your motivation, your interest in the programme, your previous experiences (professional, group work…). There is no right or wrong answer. You will have a practice session before you start the interview. Once the interview is done, it will be sent along with your application file to the Selection Committee.

Can I apply for more than one programme?

  • It is possible to apply for two programmes.  A separate motivation letter is required for each programme.
  • Template Motivation Letter

English proficiency test

What are the expected scores?

  • TOEFL Internet-based ≥ 92  (/120)
  • TOEIC ≥ 850 (/990)
  • IELTS ≥ 6.5 (/9.0)
  • Cambridge Test of English ≥ 175

What is the EDHEC's institution code for the TOEFL?

  • Code: 0663

Can I apply for a waiver?

  • Waivers apply for native-English speakers and for those who have studied in English.

► English native speakers or those holding a degree taught in English (minimum 3 years) are eligible for an English Test waiver.

Is there any help for students with regard to campus housing? 

  • Once officially enrolled, you will receive help to find suitable accommodation, either in EDHEC residences or in privately owned apartments. EDHEC's International Students Office (ISO) is familiar with the visa formalities of most countries and will provide you with the necessary paperwork for completion. Should you have any concerns about your visa application, you can contact the ISO, provided you have already checked the relevant pages in the Welcome Guide and contacted your local Embassy. One requirement for most visa applications is proof of accommodation in France. Again, the ISO is on hand to provide you with a list of apartments, halls of residence and other types of housing, depending on your criteria. You can even "visit" them virtually on our new housing website. The team will do everything it can to make arrangements with the property owner and secure your booking. It can also pick you up from the airport on the day of your arrival (where possible) and take you directly to your new home.

What is EDHEC's code for GMAT?

As a reminder, aptitude tests* are required for some programs and optional for others. Please see “Admission requirements” on your program of interest. (*GMAT/GRE/TAGE MAGE/CAT official test score report for Indian students only of CFA level II for Finance programs only

  • MSc & Global MBA Double-Degree: 3QQ-WQ-62
  • MIM Global Economic Transformation & Technology: 3QQ-WQ-06
  • Master in Management, Business Management: 3QQ-WQ-05
  • Master in Management, Finance: 3QQ-WQ-36
  • MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation: 3QQ-WQ-60 
  • MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence: 3QQ-WQ-82
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation: 3QQ-WQ-77 
  • MSc in Global & Sustainable Business: 3QQ-WQ-16
  • MSc in Management & Leadership: 3QQ-WQ-54 
  • MSc in Marketing Management: 3QQ-WQ-47
  • MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consultancy: 3QQ-WQ-84
  • LL.M. in Law & Tax Management: 3QQ-WQ-26 
  • MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking: 3QQ-WQ-73
  • MSc in International Finance: 3QQ-WQ-98
  • MSc in Financial Engineering: 3QQ-WQ-69
  • MSc in Accounting & Finance: 3QQ-WQ-04

 *(GMAT/GRE/TAGE MAGE/CFA level II (for Finance programs only) / CAT official test score report for Indian students only)

Can I add an unofficial GMAT score report to my application file?

  • You will get an unofficial score report immediately after taking your exam. You can send it to the recruitment office as an extra supporting document whilst applying. This document will provisionally be accepted in your application file and the official report will be asked to confirm your seat.


When the tuition fees must be paid?

  • Once the Selection Committee has accepted your application, you will receive an acceptance email including your tuition fee payment schedule. In order to secure your place you have to pay the 1st instalment within 3 weeks.

How does financial aid apply to the tuition fees?

  • Financial aid applies to the second and third instalment for the MSc programme and to the second, third and fourth instalment for the MIM programme.


What is the EDHEC Career Centre?

  • The Student Career Centre is dedicated to helping students find a job or an internship.
  • The Centre receives every year over 14 000 job and internship offers.
  • 60,000 internships and 33,500 job offers posted on EDHEC’s dedicated jobs board every year

Complementary courses in French are offered to all international students enrolled in our MSc programmes. Our French classes cover all learning levels, from complete beginner to advanced study. The goal is to support your acculturation to French culture and give you the linguistic foundation—grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening—to express yourself in the French language.

  • Class Size: 10 to 25 students per group
  • Contact Hours: 
    • MIM 3h a week (30h/semester +6h group projects)
    • MSc 2h a week (15h/semester)   
  • Qualifications of the instructors: courses are delivered by an officially accredited French language teaching institution