Master of Science or Master in Management : Where do I fit?

Written on 28 Mar 2018.

If you are thinking about doing your master in a top business school in France, a clear understanding of different types of degrees/offers is important. A master degree not only enhances your skills but also increases your chances of employability and success in a specific career path. At EDHEC Business School, our purpose is to help you choose your programme according to your future need / career ambitions and become expert in your domain.


What do we offer?

Master in Management – Grande Ecole programme awards a “double degree”

Duration: Two academic years

EDHEC’s flagship programme, specially designed for young professionals or graduate level students, not only awards a Master in Management, but also prepares for international careers in a precise business field (via the specialised MSc programmes). EDHEC’s Master in Management programme ranked top 20 worldwide by Financial Times rankings 2017

If you want to kick-start your business career or want to gain professional experience as part of your learnings this programme is for you. This programme will give you an international exposure with prestigious ‘EDHEC partnerships’ through exchange or double degree programmes. Additionally, the compulsory professional immersion embedded as part of the programme gives you an opportunity to acquire a solid professional work experience. This experience will set you apart when looking for a job.


Master of Science – specialised master

Duration: One academic year

Wide ranges of specialised masters in the field of finance and business management: specifically designed to meet your need in business topics. You will learn real-life business skills and develop an agile and forward thinking spirit through one of our 13 specialisations. EDHEC’s Finance programmes are very well known globally and been recognised by 2018 FT rankings, placing EDHEC MSc in Finance programme top 3 worldwide.

If you wish to specialise in your given educational background and wish to quickly start your career you can opt for our MSc programmes. In addition, if you wish to gain specialised knowledge and skills in a particular field or further strengthen your existing expertise you can straightaway go for 1-year MSc programmes.


Quick look:

Master in Management (MiM) programmes:


13 Masters of Science programmes: