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Written on 07 Oct 2021.


Drishti Chugh recently joined EDHEC Master’s in Management, Business Management in Lille. She shares her first memories about the Welcome and Integration Days dedicated to our international students.


The I is for Incredible, the S is for Supportive and the O is for Outstanding, and that is what ISO is for me in a true sense.


I could not thank the International Students Office (ISO) at EDHEC enough for the role they have played in my EDHEC journey to date. Right from the day when I got my admit, I have been in touch with these three amazing people, Nicolas, Kathleen, and Celine, who have helped me in every phase of this journey. Initially, I had imagined this aid to be really cumbersome as I found seeking help through emails really difficult but little did I know that I was underpowering the abilities of ISO. Their prompt and quick replies amazed me, their elaborate responses relieved me and their helping nature comforted me. There were times when I was clueless but then the thought of ISO being there with me pacified me.


It felt like home when I met them for the first time at the Welcome Day, which they so beautifully organized. Everything was so much in place. The welcome sessions were informative, interactive, and interesting. They walked us through everything important on the Welcome Day regarding the first things to do on arrival and other things to keep in mind as one progresses through the year. With the fun element at the heart of Integration Day, it has been one of the most memorable days for me at EDHEC. Meeting people from different nationalities, dancing to the tunes of hit numbers with them, and bonding with them over games and food, EDHEC made the word “integration” quite literal for me that day. The events were splendidly organized, meticulously executed, and thoroughly planned. I enjoyed every bit of those two beautiful days and could not have asked for more.


Even after my arrival here, ISO has helped me resolve some important administrative and daily life issues. They have helped me settle in this beautiful city with ease. Trust me, you will find ISO with you at every step of your journey at EDHEC and there is no better companion to have here than them. The innumerous exchange of emails and interactions over countless number of subjects have built a relationship this strong that I trust ISO with my life. HAHA!”


Photo credit: Shashank Verma


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