Deloitte Foundation: WINFIN, award winner

The Deloitte Foundation Prize has been going ever since 2015. Every year the Deloitte Foundation awards students for their social or humanitarian projects. These projects are designed to have a lasting impact in the fields of education and sustainable innovation. Amongst the award winners, this year were members of EDHEC Business school’s student association WINFIN (Women in Finance) for their “High School Project”.



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Written on 10 Jun 2021.


How do we measure success?  The answer to this is highly personal as we all have different goals. However, one element which is important is the human element because inevitably success is about those people who cross our paths on the way and our understanding of them.  A humanitarian project always makes an impact on many lives and when it is a success its results are inevitably remarkable. This is perhaps one big reason why EDHEC is so proud of its 5 FE Track students.

On Thursday 3 June 2021 the Foundation Deloitte Prizegiving took place in Deloitte’s Paris headquarters, Tour Majunga, at La defense and at the same time it was relayed by webinar. EDHEC Business School was certainly proud to see its students on the podium this year. It is an achievement that certainly reflects EDHEC’s true values encapsulated in its phrase: “make an impact”.

WINFIN’s president Marie Legrand along with team member Fantine Dutronc were, unfortunately, unable to be present at the event. However, Valentine Guerni, Romane Souliere, and Lorenzo Marreros were there at the ceremony. Taking the microphone Valentine commented on the importance for women to understand that they too can get to the top if they chose to work in the finance industry.

Your career choice should be based on what you like and what you are good at and unfortunately the world of finance is not known enough by women. We are trying to show that there is a wide choice of jobs in the finance industry which everyone can enjoy whether you are a man or a woman”,  Valentine Guerni.

WINFIN, partnered with Les Cordées de la réussite, organized two educational sessions (at Lycée Maulnier in Nice) aimed at promoting women in Finance to high school students.  During these sessions, they were able to talk to students about M&A, Private Equity, Trading, and Sustainable Finance. Focused on spreading the word of the important role women have to play in finance, WINFIN intends to carry this initiative to a national level. They hope to conduct similar sessions at different schools across France.  An ambitious plan but a logical one.  Indeed, by taking on the many we catalyze change. For women in Finance, the future is certainly bright.

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