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Written on 10 Mar 2020.


The Career Centre is the ideal place to get sound advice on students' career plans. The coordinators and counsellors are there for students throughout the year to help them build their career projects and give them the keys to reach their career goals. The Career Centre teams tell us about their daily work with EDHEC students.

Student requests can be technical: how to write my résumé, my cover letter, how to prepare for an interview... The Career Centre tries to make as many tools as possible available in order to prepare them as well as possible for the recruitment process, to be as reactive as possible and as sharp as possible in terms of response. Some students also come to the Career Centre for help and support in defining and building their professional projects. The Career Centre team helps them to identify what corresponds to them, what they like to do, to open themselves up to other perspectives, to identify companies and relevant offers in relation to their project and to make the right choices of internships and options in their curriculum. This mainly involves a lot of listening and very personalised support. It is also a question of consolidating their self-confidence and their future.


Throughout the year, the Career Centre organises events and workshops adapted to the students' programmes and objectives (mock interviews, workshops, conferences on career themes, etc.).

The programme TI&CD (Talent Identification & Career Development) for Master students also allows students to be put into concrete situations in a group or with external consultants and aims to give students all the keys they need to enter professional life.

Specific actions are also set up according to the students' needs. “For international students, for example, sets up specific sessions for visas, focus groups to prepare them for the forums or an international alumni-Master 2 mentoring programme to help them develop their network,” says Juliette Dekeister, Career Centre Master Advisor.


The EDHEC Career Centre is a real bridge between the academic training that students receive and the reality of professional life. Everything is put in place to facilitate the transition to the professional world.

"EDHEC's network of partner companies is a real asset for the Career Centre. The partners are more open to our students because they are looking for EDHEC talent. This allows us to have direct contact with recruiters. We also capitalise on the extensive alumni network. It is an important source of information for students and an entry point into companies," says Lynda Sion, Coordinator Career Centre Master BM.

For Sarah Glangeaud, Career Centre Master BM Coordinator, the events organised with companies make the experience more concrete and allow students to get to know companies better, in addition to the support offered throughout the year.


 "We have a strong impact on the experience of students at EDHEC because our department is in direct contact with them every day. Students need our services from the beginning to the end of their course at school, for advice, contacts, appointments... In addition to the academic training offered by the school, we allow them to benefit from a truly personalised follow-up according to their profiles and needs. What we provide them is support, support that allows them to integrate as well as possible in a company and to acquire an enriching professional experience in line with their project. "


Helping students to grow and achieve professionally and personally is what drives the Career Centre's teams daily.

Isis Descormiers, Manager of the Career Centre Financial Economics, emphasizes the diversity of the students' projects. "Every day is different because each student comes with a different project. Over the years we see personalities come to light. We help them find their way by accompanying them for several years, and often at the graduation ceremony when we see them again, we can see how they have evolved professionally but also personally.

Finally, for Lynda Sion, Coordinator Career Centre BM, the most important thing is to help them find meaning in their professional projects. "We are accompanying a new generation with new values and objectives. We help them to find themselves in a world that is becoming more complicated, to have a positive impact on the business world. Our goal is to help build the new generation because they will be the managers of tomorrow.”


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