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EDHEC students got talent-Trying to capture the silver lining

Lochan Appannah Kongera Uthappa, an M1 student in the MiM Business Management programme, aeronautical engineer and professional photographer loves sports and has developed his creative skills over the years. He shares his passion of photography with us.

Written on 18 Feb 2020.


“It all started with something as small as using my phone to capture memories, and now I’m telling stories through my pictures. Today, some phones can replace a few models of cameras for the general public and that’s no surprise with the way technology is evolving. Being able to capture what I could at that time through such a small device captured my interest and lead me to invest more time into it. By looking at the work of photographers and using the largest digital library of sorts, YouTube, I gradually started to get better. Not just in terms of taking pictures but post-processing them as well. Post-processing? Well, in layman terms, it’s editing, but not the Instagram filter kind of editing but more of adjusting the lighting to match what you can see with your eyes. Trying to imitate what your eyes see is harder than you think because your eye is close to having a 576 Megapixel sensor in your head. Through competitions and raw passion, I focused on improving this hobby of mine which transitioned to a profession over a year over a journey that started through heartbreak, unfortunately, one of the most common feelings shared by humans.           

Success in multiple competitions for phone photography had kept me motivated through the second year of my Aeronautical Engineering degree at Dayananda Sagar Institutions at Bangalore but a particular competition that pushed me out of my comfort zone is what started this transition from my phone to a Digital SLR. The competition was based on three words and we had to take pictures around the campus to tell a story through that picture. I used simple subjects like a water drop from a sink, grass at sunset and a construction site but using the vision which was inspired by the keywords provided to me. I had to borrow a camera from a friend to compete and even though I had negligible experience with this type of camera, I ended up winning the competition.

I reach people’s hearts through their eyes

Photography has been a part of me for the longest time and the golden rule doesn’t come down to any tips or tricks any professional will give you, it is to learn by shooting more. The connection that photographers share, whether amateur or professional is that we see the world in a completely different way. We don’t see real life the way others do, we see it in terms of pictures, in terms of what our most used camera would produce and the end product of how we envision it. In my case, as it would be for many other photographers as well, it has reached a point where if someone were to be holding my camera or my phone, I can imagine the resulting picture just by seeing where and how the device is being held.

Moving to France impacted my photography, especially with the language barrier, but I do take up occasional events on campus, including TEDxEDHECBusinessSchool and the photoshoots for my association, EDHEC Consulting Club. These experiences and skills in media production and digital marketing have helped me become the Head of Communication and Creation as well, one of the many benefits of taking up photography and videography. Lille, being as beautiful as it is, has allowed me to continue causal capturing through my phone and camera and I look forward to doing this during my future travels around Europe. 

I would encourage every person to show more interest in photography, whether it’s the street you walk on every day, your best friends being their true selves, your ecstatic pet when you come back home or even our beautiful campus. This provides a creative outlet that everyone could use in our everyday lives and lets you document those precious moments that you can reflect on in the future with a smile.”



Link to his portfolio


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