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Two students of MSc Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence share their experience.

Written on 30 Jan 2019.





I’m Guanguan Hu, aged 27, from Xingyi in Guizhou province in southwest China.

I have always been interested in different cultures and wanted to meet and make friends with people from around the world. There is a Chinese saying: to see is to believe. I wanted to experience different cultures and learn about other civilisations in a way that went beyond what you see on the news or read in books.

I realised that by studying abroad, I could broaden my horizons and develop an international perspective. Choosing where to study was quite simple: France has one of the best education systems in the world and EDHEC is one of the best business schools in France.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in business administration at Shanghai International Studies University before coming to France in 2016, where I embarked on the three-year Master in Management programme. I completed two fantastic internships in my gap year in 2017/18 – one in marketing and communications at Amadeus in Nice and the other in strategy and innovation with the Louvre Hotels Group in Paris.

During these internships, I realised that it was crucial to understand the digital revolution taking place in the business world and that I would need coding skills to fully embrace and influence the changes happening as a result of data technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). That’s the reason I chose the MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence as my double-degree course.

I love learning how to code and AI is by far my favourite subject. Exultingly, I got the opportunity to take part in Le Wagon Lille’s coding bootcamp. I was hooked.

My plan is to work in the area of corporate strategy after graduation. My goal is to apply what I have learned about data and AI in the digital revolution taking place in the business world. Ideally, I’d like a job that involves business consultancy, travel and IT, that provides me with the opportunity to learn continuously and evolve both personally and professionally.


My name is Benoît Legendre. I’m 22 years old and from Nice, France.

I’m am now studying for a Master of Science degree in Data Analytics and Digital Business. I chose this MSc because I wanted to add technical skills to my business profile.


I recently completed work experience as an account executive at Performics, part of Publicis Media in Paris, and in search-engine advertising for Air France and utility company Engie. These confirmed that I want to work in online advertising. Ultimately, I want to make an impact in the advertising technology sector by joining a start-up or founding my company.

The opportunity to kick-start my MSc with an intensive coding bootcamp at Le Wagon Lille was fantastic. It was intense! We managed to learn an awful lot in a very short space of time. I also like the fact that many of our professors and lecturers at EDHEC have professional experience.

I really like the international aspect of studying through English at EDHEC. I love to travel and would like to work abroad after I graduate, ideally in Northern Europe.


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