EDHEC students win the HEC Business Game

Written on 07 May 2017.


EDHEC Master in Management, Business Management students, Ethan Brown from the USA and Danièle Weulassagou from Cameroon, along with their teammates, 2 students from Bocconi University and 2 students from Maastricht University, emerged victorious at the third edition of the HEC Business Game. The six-student team, competed against 250 highly-talented students, from all over the world, over two days on four different real life business cases; their focus, the concept of digital disruption.

The event, organised every year at HEC Paris, gives students the opportunity to connect with prestigious companies. Sponsors of the third annual HEC Business Game include Gameloft, Bain and Company Schneider Electric, Early Bird Venture Capital Fund, Klepierre and IBM France. The competitors have a three-hour time-limit to read, analyse, and provide a nine-minute presentation and three-minute Q&A for each business case. Ethan and Danièle’s team delivered a winning response to the question, “How can digitization disrupt the Insurance Industry.”  Their award, two of the most recent books published by Bain & Company on Harvard Business Review Press; and a meeting with the Marketing Director of AXA Insurance to discuss the team’s recommendations.

Ethan attributes victory to team synergy and trust, “It just clicked, everyone knew the objectives, and we all agreed to a logical approach to address the problem presented to us in the business case.” Danièle, adds that, “the ease of communication between team members and the shared dedication for success” were fundamental to their high performance. The teamwork and communication skills not only aided their triumph but helped Danièle and Ethan to make new friends. They received an invitation by the Bocconi students to spend a weekend with them in Milan this summer.

EDHEC takes pride in the success of Ethan Brown and Danièle Weulassagou. Their ability to work under time pressure with an international team to solve real world business challenges exemplifies the quality of their education and business acumen. Applying their knowledge in financial forecasting, cross-cultural teambuilding, and the art of storytelling—academic and social skills learned in their coursework and from the EDHEC community—to win the HEC Business Game is a powerful way to make an impact.

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