Written on 14 Jun 2022.


On April 1st, 2022, the TEDxEDHEC Business School Association, organised its fifth TEDx conference at EDHEC in Lille. The Theme of this year’s conference was “What Matters”. Eight speakers took to the stage as part of this year’s line-up to share their stories and ideas with the audience. Thea Haeberlin, Head of the Speakers Dept sums up the event.


On stage

Margaux Terrou, Managing Director of digital communication agency “French Flair Digital” and Co-Founder of HER’OES and associates, performed her speech titled “Why being feminist is not an insult” cleverly portraying misconceptions about feminism. Following this, managing consultant at Circul’R and EDHEC Alumnus Gaetane Lemarchand’s speech “(re)thinking Value” was an extremely insightful take on the circular economy and the paradox of consumption and sustainability. The conference continued with the Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Oleg Melnyk’s thought-provoking speech focused on the importance of re-thinking and facilitating modern technologies with the innovative goal of achieving more with less. Remco Lenstra, an EDHEC Professor, gave an entertaining and inspiring speech on how we shape our tools in order for those tools to shape us, and thus how the choice of our tools can change the way we live.


After the intermission, Man To Ip, EDHEC student in the M1 track, presented how making comparisons between others and yourself can be extremely toxic and shared his clever trick to change one's mindset to help see the bigger picture. Nesrine Slaoui, journalist and author of “Illégitimes” spoke out about how society puts us all in boxes in an attempt to define us and our importance. Her speech and story-telling were both deeply moving and extremely powerful. Moreover, Kenza Kassabi, International Account Strategist at Google, also the founder of Happy Superfoods and founder of Yogi Now, inspired the audience to pursue acceptance and transformation through mindset. Finally, Nico Rauchenwald, content creator and creative entrepreneur, concluded the conference with his speech titled “You are the greatest project you will ever work on” which gave a step-to-step guide on self-actualisation and left the audience feeling inspired and motivated.


A great achievement

“It was our goal to have an equal ratio of male to female speakers”, shared Thea Haeberlin, Head of Speakers at TEDxEDHEC Business School. “As diversity, representation and equality lie at the heart of the TEDxEDHEC Business School Association, we recruited speakers from different backgrounds, cultures, and career fields.”


The conference concluded with a cocktail reception in the “Salle des pas perdus” on EDHEC’s campus, where the guests of the event and the speakers could network and interact face to face over drinks and hors d’oeuvres.


This year, 18 students and 5 volunteers planned and organised the event. The association spent the 10 months leading up to the event meticulously planning and promoting the D-day, all the while recruiting and training the speakers. “Organising this TEDx conference from scratch on EDHEC campus was a real challenge, after 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic,” said Paul-Julien Lafont, President of TEDxEDHEC in 2022, in his speech at the end of the event. ”It turned out to be a real success in the end by holding it in real conditions, with a public of EDHEC students and very inspiring Speakers. The TEDxEDHEC team was overjoyed to lead the project until the end and I would like to congratulate each member for their valuable investment, without which this enriching project would not have been possible"


The TEDxEDHEC Business School Association has outstandingly represented EDHEC’s core value of making an impact.

The speakers’ videos will soon be broadcasted on the official TED Youtube channel and TEDxEDHEC Business School’s social media channels.




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