EDHEC’s new MSc in Global & Sustainable Business teaches tomorrow’s business leaders how to be a force for good

EDHEC Business School is strengthening its commitment to educating students in sustainable development issues by launching a new Master of Science in Global & Sustainable Business from September 2019 on its Lille campus.



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Written on 03 Oct 2019.


Taught fully in English, the new one-year programme will train students in the traditional business disciplines, through courses such as Corporate Strategy for International Business and Global Finance, as well as in specialist subjects, such as Business Ethics and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business and Society.

The programme will include modules devoted to innovations in sectors from energy and fashion to food & agriculture and the development of the green real estate. In spring, students will embark on study tours of France, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, where they will witness the best sustainable business practices first hand.

The course is about fostering the knowledge, intellectual creativity and ambition to address major global business challenges for which there are no easy answers, no template,” says Programme Director Bastiaan van der Linden. It’s about forging business solutions for the future that are both sustainable and profitable. We want the programme to be inspiring to students and beneficial to the industry.”

The programme caters, in particular, to students wishing to continue their careers in fields such as marketing and business development, procurement and supply-chain management, business strategy and innovation, corporate sustainability consulting or the non-profit sector.

Academic partnership with Butagaz

Co-creation is central to EDHEC’s teaching model. The School is, therefore, delighted to welcome Butagaz as an academic partner of the MSc in Global & Sustainable Business programme. To meet the challenges of the energy transition, the energy supplier has launched a co-creation laboratory to devise and accelerate innovative solutions to meet client needs.

The partnership will centre on two practical projects, with groups of students working closely with company experts on innovation issues, including corporate social responsibility and the energy transition. Butagaz executives will also contribute to courses such as Innovation Policies for a Sustainable Energy Sector.

This new programme exemplifies the direction being taken by our Masters programmes and the growing place they afford issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility,” says Michelle Sisto, EDHEC Business School’s Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. “This trend is also clearly evident in our Financial Economics track, where new, mandatory courses on climate change and sustainable finance have been introduced this academic year.

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