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First days in Korea for the Global Economic Transformation & Technology track students
What happened upon your arrival in Korea? I landed in Seoul on January 2nd. The airport staff was very helpful and friendly. They helped me install the self-quarantine protection app and asked questions to make sure I did not have any symptoms. The...
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Finance: a tool to ensure change
Laetitia suffers from a rare debilitating disease known as EDS. This little-known disease affects the muscles and joints and can cause severe pain. Laetitia was diagnosed with this at the early age of 17.  Despite this, with EDHEC’s...
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Ketch-up, an opportunity to network and socialise
Lina Antelmann tell us all about it. How did you come up with this idea? The idea came during a catch-up call Michelle Sisto and Sébastien Dieuaide had organised with international students. We realised pretty quickly that what everyone was missing...
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Engineer and manager: the perfect combo
What is your background prior to EDHEC?  Before EDHEC, I studied for a master’s degree in Land Identification & Development with a specialisation in urban planning and land surveyor/topographer. I worked as a land surveyor for 3 years,...
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EDHEC MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance: Training a new generation of finance experts
You helped design the curriculum of the new MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. What are the programme’s main highlights? What makes it unique? What is unique about this programme is that it will introduce the science and engineering...
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Winning thoughts: You cannot be a top business leader without mastering technology
“I am absolutely convinced that whatever you do in life, you will not succeed, or be a business leader, unless you have some understanding and mastery of technology”, Mr Aubourg said.  “Technology is a crucial global driver. It is growing...
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On the road to making an impact
Can you tell us a bit about your education before joining EDHEC's Master in Management Financial Economics programme? I grew up in Plouénan, a town in Brittany where I was educated at a Diwan school where all lessons are taught in Breton. After high...
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Burger King: Fresh ideas from EDHEC’s MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
Burger King and Sutter Mills (now Accenture) gave the 2019–2020 MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence students one mission: to use ‘activate a multinational’s data to prevent churn’, using data. Business ready  For companies such...
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EDHEC Master of Science will enhance my career prospects
What is your background prior to EDHEC? I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. I went on to study for a MSc in Business Information Management on their campus in Brussels. I had a very...
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Korea’s Consul General to France presents innovative textbooks to MiM GETT students
On 8 December 2020, Professor Ludovic Cailluet, MiM GETT programme director, and Jihun Lee, EDHEC’s Korean language and culture lecturer, were invited to the Korean Embassy in Paris to receive “Learn! Korean with BTS” textbooks from His Excellency...
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Being Top 1% of her Master of Science
What are the highlights of your Master's years at EDHEC Business School? I studied for 3 years at EDHEC. The first year was a little bit challenging for me because I knew I had to adapt to the French culture... It felt like a freshman,...
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Financial Times European Business Schools Ranking: EDHEC rises through the ranks of Europe’s top 15 schools
For a fifth consecutive year, EDHEC Business School has ranked among the 15 best-performing and most desirable business schools in Europe, according to the Financial Times ranking of European business schools, published today. The 2020 ranking...
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MiM GETT, an opportunity to study in 3 continents and prestigious universities
WHAT IS BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I was born in Tokyo and lived all my childhood in Hong Kong. I graduated from the French International School in 2015. Wanting to travel and experience a new culture, I moved to Montreal, Canada to pursue...
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The eloquence of teaching and law
What kind of student were you?   I was really engaged and serious … very serious indeed! I was top of the class in elementary school, so I have always been a good student! At law school, I passed all my exams on first sitting, allowing me to...
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Study sustainable development and technological impact across continents
WHAT IS BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? After my bachelor's in Technology and Management from Technical University Munich (TUM) in 2017, I started working as a management consultant for Goetzpartners, an international independent advisory firm for...
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For scholarships: apply early
What is your background prior to EDHEC?  I come from Mexico where I studied industrial engineering. After completing my industrial engineering studies at Tecnológico de Monterrey, I started working at General Electric for almost six years...
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Take advantage of everything that EDHEC has to offer
What is your background prior to EDHEC? I'm a first-class graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos (Nigeria) in November 2016. After that, I became a Graduate member (Chartered Accountant) with the Institute of...
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#myEDHECcommunity: Sending good vibes
“November is usually the month during which everyone’s mood decreases because the weather is not as nice, the night falls quicker, summer is long gone and Christmas holidays are not around the corner yet. All of that combined does not make a great...
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My campus life – Meet Soliman Naguib, MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation student
This opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at EDHEC has allowed me not only to continue on my studies in an innovative hybrid format right in the middle of the global health crisis, but has also...
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How I chose my Master of Science
What is your background prior to EDHEC? After finishing a double Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and French Language & Literature in Seoul, Korea, I worked as a Jr. Product manager for two years in a French company in the FMCG...
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