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Two GETT students selected by CANnovate, the first international start-up acceleration programme
You have launched NODE. What is it? Gabrielle: NODE is a live stream platform that helps give more meaning to the relationship between musical artists and their fans. Artists can share the live content they want: concerts, recording sessions, studio...
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Stakeholder theory: What it is and how to use it
What is stakeholder theory?  That's a question without a straightforward answer. There’s not just one stakeholder theory, but many. You could say that it’s a genre of theories. If you were to ask me for the one defining...
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EDHEC launches a brand new scholarship
To accompany its Impact future generations strategic plan, EDHEC Business School is delighted to present its new financial-support initiative, the Make an impact scholarship. In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda...
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Climate change and finance are intertwined
You say that climate change and finance are intertwined. Can you explain how and why? When it comes to climate change, everything is intertwined and connected. Science, technology, economics and finance cannot and must not be looked at in isolation...
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Video: Job market, courses, specialisations, student experience… Discover EDHEC’s master's in management financial economics
EDHEC’s master's in management, Financial Economics is a two-year programme fully taught in English on EDHEC’s Nice campus. It is combined with a year of professional immersion in the financial industry.  “This programme will provide you...
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A joint graduate loan-scholarship programme for talented Colombian students
COLFUTURO was founded in 1991 by Ana Milena Muñoz de Gaviria’s through an initiative by a group of prominent citizens from the public and private sectors, committed to the country’s development through its human capital. Over the past thirty years,...
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Students’ well-being and future at the heart of EDHEC’s experience
Why pursue your studies in the business field at EDHEC Business School? I was looking for a programme that would start teaching me the fundamentals and I obviously made the best choice. EDHEC teaches you the fundamentals of every business sector,...
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Video: How a Master’s degree can boost your job prospects?
EDHEC Master Programmes partnered up with Business Because to host a webinar. The topic of discussion was: how will a master's degree boost your job prospects. A hot topic in these challenging times. Aditi Mishra, Strategy and Analytics programme at...
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Five reasons to get a master’s degree in data analytics
Demand for data science and analysis professionals is growing. Here are five good reasons to get a master’s degree in data analytics to prepare you for the fourth industrial revolution.     #1. Data will continue to grow  Data is...
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Video: Job market, courses, learning experience… Discover EDHEC’s MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance
EDHEC MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Finance is a brand new 18-month programme that will open this next intake at EDHEC Business School. It has been developed in partnership with the leading French engineering school MINES ParisTech to...
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EDHEC Career Centre: Agile and digital for the good of the students
A look back at 2020… Without doubt, 2020 was a challenging year and 2021 has not been very different. On the plus side, the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to gauge the readiness and adaptability of our team and services. When I think back on how we...
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On the way of becoming an HR professional
What did you study prior to EDHEC Business School? I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from United International College in Zhuhai, China. Why did you choose EDHEC’s Master in Management? When I was searching for Master’s...
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From Bogota to Paris, living her dream of working abroad
Why did you choose the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking? Why France? I started working at a trading desk and then moved to the middle office of the largest bank in Colombia. The MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking was a perfect match for my...
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MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance: A unique degree with decided career advantages
Why did MINES ParisTech decide to join forces with EDHEC to create the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance?  MINES ParisTech formed a partnership with EDHEC to build an advanced master's degree...
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Inspire to engage
“Your career will be one filled with success, humbling moments and one where you will ask whether you are doing the right thing. Don’t become arrogant, learn from others and stay curious…” said  Olivier Delay, CEO Natixis Americas. Inspiring...
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From Covid-19 vaccination to global warming: Operational challenges for future generations
Case studies grounded in current events One purpose-built case study gave the master’s students the opportunity to understand that once a vaccine has been developed, companies must seamless orchestrate a complex supply chain, from the supply of...
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Playing a part in the data revolution
Why did you opt for the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence? During my professional immersion, as a Master's student, I worked for Amazon as a supply chain analyst and for a startup called Bigblue based at Station F, the world’s...
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Designing a green future for a former industrial site
Located at the heart of the Lille metropolitan area, at the intersection of the Croix, Villeneuve d'Ascq, and Wasquehal municipalities, La Maillerie II is slated to become a hub where people can live, create social connections, and foster cultural,...
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A student’s view: Why is sustainable finance so important to us?
EDHEC’s strategic plan was presented to the public on March 13th, 2020. The announcement closely followed that of the sale of Scientific Beta, a start-up created 10 years ago by EDHEC through their teaching staff’s research to provide asset owners...
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MiM or MSc?
#1. Duration While a Master of Science will last for 18 months, internship included, a Master in Management programme will take you on a three-year journey. Two years of academic courses and one year in between to experience the job market. #2....
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