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Video game industry: I found my dream job
Why France? My interest in France and French culture can be traced back to my high school days. From Napoleon to Louis XIV, I’m deeply touched by this great nation and her history. Encouraged by this feeling, I chose French as my major in University...
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Michel Philippart named Programme Director of EDHEC’s MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting
What kind of student were you? Before starting my MBA, I wasn’t a very good student at all. I did sufficiently well to pass and get ahead. I wasn’t aiming to be No. 1 and was always in the top 5 or 6 ‒ and that was perfectly fine with me. Then I...
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FT Master in Management 2020 ranking : EDHEC’s MIM continues its progression in the world’s Top 20 to be ranked 16th worldwide
In its newly-published annual ranking of the world’s top Masters in Management, the Financial Times (FT) positioned EDHEC 16th worldwide, a rise of 3 places from 2019. And for the 7th year running, EDHEC ranked 4th among French business schools for...
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QS 2021 ranks EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management No. 7 worldwide
“I’m extremely proud to witness the progress of our QS worldwide ranking each year,” said Programme Director Professor Guergana Guintcheva. “In just three years, EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management ranking has gone from No.11 to No.7. This is the...
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Making it to the Top 10 student list
WHAT WAS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO ATTENDING EDHEC? I hold an engineering degree from Universidad EIA - Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (Colombia). After graduating, I worked for almost three years in a strategy department before...
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Welcome back to Lille
Although they all wore masks and kept an appropriate distance, you could feel the joy of the professors and programme directors at welcoming students back to the classroom and lecture theatre. In 2020, EDHEC MiM and MSc courses are going hybrid. One...
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EDHEC Career Fairs go virtual
“Three years ago, I finished my Bachelor of Administration in Vietnam and got involved in several international volunteer experiences for non-governmental organisations. These academic and voluntary experiences gave me a solid background to start my...
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EDHEC Financial Economics students back on track
The FE track welcomed a total of well over 730 students online from all corners of the world.  First and foremost on the FE Track’s priorities for this event was to establish a sense of cohesion amongst EDHEC students right from the beginning...
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Entrepreneurial DNA
What kind of student were you? I was a nerd, an avid reader and a doer, always striving to find new solutions to the world’s problems. I was constantly active, engaged in one entrepreneurial project or another, the student council, or some other...
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How case studies shape our learning experience
Can you tell us about the project you worked on? It was a hackathon in partnership with Burger King and Sutter Mills (now, Accenture): Activating a Multinational’s Data to Prevent Churn. They challenged the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial...
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GETT: innovative curriculums with a mixture of business, technology, and entrepreneurship
WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN EDHEC? WHY HAVE YOU CHOSEN GETT? COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR TRANSITION FROM ENGINEERING TO BUSINESS? For years, I deemed the term Formula-1 as synonymous with Michael Schumacher. As a child, when I religiously followed F1 races...
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How the GETT track fits my career plans
Why did you choose to join the GETT? Franco-Lebanese born and raised up in Senegal, I’ve always wanted to participate in the development of West African countries. After graduating from high school, I decided to join a preparatory school in Paris to...
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Burger King challenged EDHEC MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence students
How was the Burger King hackathon organised? In the Business Data Management course, we learned many things relating to data treatment analysis for business purposes, such as a churn prediction for the company Burger King. Our two professors from...
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Why I joined the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
What is your education prior to the MSc? After a baccalaureate specialised in Economics, I earned a business management bachelor’s degree at La Sorbonne Paris 1 where I discovered many topics such as Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, etc. I...
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EDHEC professors further fuelled my interest for Finance
WHAT IS YOUR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PRIOR TO EDHEC? I did my undergraduate degree in Banking and Finance under the University of London International Programme. After graduation, I worked in global markets on the institutional fixed income sales...
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Data modelling: testing is rule number one
That is quite funny because two years ago, I had barely touched Excel and I had no idea what a database was! And now? I know how to code with R, I acquired the knowledge to build my own website from scratch and have the tools to build a predictive...
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New double degree in Sustainable Finance
Facilitating the transition towards a low-carbon economy requires a wide range of new financial instruments and innovations. This will have profound implications for markets, companies, intermediaries, and investors to ensure that long-term capital...
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Leading an international career
Why did you choose the MSc in Financial Markets? The MSc in Financial Markets was the obvious choice for me because EDHEC recruits leading faculties with industry experience, offers a structured programme that combines practical and theoretical...
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#MyEDHECCommunity and beyond: Bridging the gap
“One of the worst consequences of the Pandemic was on the job market - it saw a large shake-up as social distancing became the new norm worldwide. I quickly noticed that on LinkedIn, the virality of two kinds of posts rose sharply - those who were...
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A dedicated web platform for dog lovers
Can you tell us about your business creation project? We are working on “Dogwards”, a web platform that makes it easier than ever for dog lovers and dog owners to develop deep meaningful bonds with people in their respective neighborhoods. It is...
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