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EDHEC Master’s programs: new exchange opportunities
EDHEC is extending its range of academic partnerships in Europe and North America for Business Management students.   EDHEC's international relations team has just signed new partnerships for the EDHEC Master's program. These partnerships allow...
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Campus life: develop a greater understanding of how data analytics and machine learning
As an MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consuling student, Aurélien Haas joined the learning expedition on Business-Oriented Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Dublin, organised by Professor Peter Daly, director of the MSc in Management &...
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Campus life: a behind-the-scenes look of the entertainment industry
Yongjun Shin joined EDHEC’s MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in 2021. He shares his experience of the learning expedition on Entertainment Management in Sofia and some insights into his master’s studies.    You took part...
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On April 1st, 2022, the TEDxEDHEC Business School Association, organised its fifth TEDx conference at EDHEC in Lille. The Theme of this year’s conference was “What Matters”. Eight speakers took to the stage as part of this year’s line-up to share...
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Financial Times ranks EDHEC Master in Finance among world’s Top 5
EDHEC Business School’s Masters in Finance programme ranks 5th in the world, according to the 2022 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking, released today. EDHEC, which the FT named a Top 10 European Business School earlier this year, offers...
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Campus life: bond to create value in corporate finance
Carlos Castro Martinez joined EDHEC’s Master’s in Corporate Finance & Banking to fulfill his career aspirations. He was awarded a Bourse Avenir to finance his degree.    What is your background prior to EDHEC? Before joining EDHEC, I...
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Meet an Alumnus: the impact of EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation on my career
After a few years of professional experience in the IT industry, Siddharth Tiwari felt something was missing. He wanted to learn about entrepreneurship and innovations. EDHEC’s MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation fitted his bill. He is a Senior...
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Campus life: active listening is more important than speaking
Aleksandra Koper joined EDHEC Business School to get a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. She successfully passed the Certificate in Reflexive and Positive Leadership offered by the school during the second semester. She tells us about her key...
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Meet an Alumnus: seizing the opportunities offered by Berkeley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
Maximillien Wundermann graduated with a Master’s in Management-Global Economic Transformation & Technology in 2020. He decided to stay in the United States upon completion of the 3-year program. Maximilien is Chief Marketing Officer at Mettcover...
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Campus life: an insightful look in the hospitality industry
Uzma Majeed joined the luxury hospitality & service learning expedition in Montreux. Offered to the MSc students, it gave her precious insights into an industry she had always been curious about. She recalls the learning expeditions for us....
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Meet an Alumna: aim for the best
Eni Kodra graduated from the EDHEC Master’s in Management-Finance in 2021. Former president of EDHEC Student Finance Club, she now works as an Analyst at Morgan Stanley London.   What was your background before you joined EDHEC Business School...
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Meet a student: hands-on teaching is a must!
Zaid Zafar Farooqui joined EDHEC Master’s in Management in 2021. He chose the Business Management track. Member of the team who won the French nationals of the L’Oréal Brandstorm, he shares his experience of the program.   What did you study...
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Meet an Alumna: having a key position in the creator economy, a fast growing industry
Caroline Haack graduated from EDHEC’s MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation in 2020. She is an Agency Coordinator at Jellysmack, a creator growth company.      What was your background before joining EDHEC Business...
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Meet an alumna: a great career path in finance in London
Inès Mao graduated from the EDHEC Business School Finance track in 2020. She is an Equity Capital Market Analyst at Bank of America London. She shares her experience on the finance track and some insights into her role.   What was your...
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Meet an Alumna: a passion-driven job
Alice Luppens graduated from EDHEC Business School in 2021. She explains how the MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation helped shape her career. She is a Celebrity and Influencer manager at Cartier.    Why did you choose the MSc...
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L’Oréal brandstorm France national winners are from EDHEC business school
Zaid Zafar Farooqui, Snehal Chaudhari, and Pranavnemon Jagdish, all EDHEC Master 1 students won the L’Oréal Brandstorm France Nationals. Snehal tells us all about their success.    You are the L’Oréal Brandstorm France national winners....
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Campus life: Learning from challenges
Last April, accompanied by Pr Hua Li, four international students from the MSc in Marketing Management took part in the 2022 Future Retail Challenge during the World Retail Congress in Rome. The focus was on rethinking the fast fashion business...
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Meet a student: career services, exchange program, student club… opportunities to seize
Simona Marchese joined the Master’s in Management-Finance in 2021 after her Bachelor’s degree in International Economics and Management. She enjoys the classes and the opportunities offered by the program and the services.    ...
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A greener future for a residential and commercial area
In its teaching, EDHEC Business School always favors a practical approach to studies. The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business students had the opportunity to work in groups to imagine a future for an urban site that would maximize the...
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Campus life: lectures from Prisma media professionals
Ashana Sachdeva, a final year student, currently in the MSc in Marketing Management shares her thoughts on Prisma media's key lectures on SEO and content strategy and her path at EDHEC Business school. She has just landed a graduate program at Mars...
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