Focus on the EDHEC DataViz Challenge 2020, the first edition of an exciting competition

Written on 03 Jul 2020.


EDHEC Business School launched the first edition of the EDHEC DataViz Challenge this year, in collaboration with Tableau and UNICEF. Europe’s first student data visualisation competition is open to all students of European business schools.

Data visualisation refers to a set of graphical representation methods in two or three dimensions that may or may not use colour and patterns. Different software tools are used to represent complex data sets in a simple, informative and meaningful manner. Business schools are an important source of talents in the data analysis field and there is no shortage of students passionate about data on our campuses. EDHEC Business School is a centre of expertise in data for business, particularly through our Global MBA and MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence programmes, which rank among the best in the world.

The goal of the competition

  • Working on data for impact 

The objective of the first edition was to use public data from UNICEF as a strategic asset to create a fairer and more equal world. The results obtained by the competitors in the EDHEC DataViz Challenge 2020 were shared with the UN’s global agency for children, in order to provide the institution with a new reading of its data on the subject. 

The view of data visualisation experts is that when specific data items are in the right hands at the right time, decisions are liable to be fairer, more equitable and more likely to protect children’s rights. In the maiden 2020 edition, students could choose to work on the cause most dear to them, including children’s rights, gender equality, access to education, the fight against AIDS or female mutilation.

  • Working on data in order to improve skills and employability

Above all, taking part in the EDHEC DataViz Challenge means competing with students from Europe’s top business schools to develop data analysis skills and broaden career opportunities, while also helping UNICEF in its mission to ensure all children have a fair chance in life.


Students competed for the first prize of an interview for an internship at UNICEF headquarters in New York. The following prizes were places for Europe’s first start-up and tech show - VIVATECH 2021 – , a Tableau "swag bag" with goodies and the EDHEC DataViz Challenge certificate with a certified badge on LinkedIn attesting to their participation. 

The 2020 competition

Due to recent events, the EDHEC DataViz Challenge switched from a physical to an online competition held on MS TEAMS. The 10 students finalists, originating from a wide variety of schools including the University of Oxford – Saïd Business School, Dublin City University, Audencia Business School and EDHEC Business School – pitched their work to a jury of professionals online on 12 June.

This year’s jury comprised:

  • Karoline Hassfurter, Communications Specialist at UNICEF in New York
  • Jade Le Van, Senior Product Consultant at Tableau Software
  • Yvan Fornes, Business Intelligence Expert, Amadeus, and Professeur of Data Visualisation at EDHEC
  • Sandra Richez, Director of the EDHEC Global MBA
  • Florian Pelgrin, Director of the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence and Professor of Data Science and Economics at EDHEC

The high-paced online ceremony lasted two hours. Students took turns to pitch their data visualisation work to the connected jury members over three minutes and were assessed on four criteria: creativity of work, beauty of design, depth of data analysis and quality of pitch.

Though the event brought stress, students compensated with a genuine passion for the subject, a lively interest in the data analysed - which was often highly sensitive - and a desire to deliver a comprehensive pitch and transmit a strong message related to the data. The results spoke for themselves - students were convincing and succeeded with the challenge!

The winners of the 2020 edition

The big winner of the first edition was Edwin Nguyen for his analysis on the marked differences existing between men and women and affecting them throughout their lives around the world.



Timor Tetro and Ketan Kundargi followed closely on Edwin’s heels, notably for the quality of their analyses and the precision of their pitches. Special Mention for Carolin Groß-Holtick.

All student finalists produced and delivered remarkable work at distance: the EDHEC DataViz Challenge team congratulates them all!

To see the students’ work go to the EDHEC DataViz Challenge results page.

The next edition takes place in second semester 2021, so stay connected!

In the meantime, keep learning and keep vizzing!

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