GETT: innovative curriculums with a mixture of business, technology, and entrepreneurship

Pratik Jain joined the MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology. He shares his enthusiastic experience while enjoying his professional immersion year.

Written on 27 Aug 2020.



For years, I deemed the term Formula-1 as synonymous with Michael Schumacher. As a child, when I religiously followed F1 races, my excitement stemmed from witnessing the driving master at work. Little did I know that there were other geniuses at work behind the scenes. As one of the managerial members of DJS Racing, a Formula Student Team during my under graduation, I had the rare opportunity of manufacturing a race car. This process brought about a total paradigm shift as I came to appreciate the role of efficient engineering in the success of race cars. I realised that power-packed driving performance is a result of robust machinery which is possible only through a combination of superior technical prowess, effective process planning, powerful management, detailed operations research, and innovative strategies. This combination, in turn, emerges through effective analysis of all areas of operations. So, to contribute to the making of such marvels of technology, and help companies effectively merging the various managerial and technical aspects I wish to join business schools and I believed GETT offered by EDHEC would be a key to satisfy that desire.


For GETT, my choice was driven by various reasons. First, I wanted to attend one of the top institutions in the world. I constantly envisioned that to be high performing and to put a shine on the job market, Education is key. Hence, to stand out on the international market, I was looking for a business school recognized worldwide, and what’s better than attending 3 top worldwide recognized institutions in 3 different continents as a part of your education journey? Secondly, GETT gives a unique opportunity to not only study on different continents but also provide innovative curriculums with a mixture of business, technology, and entrepreneurship. This is an attractively technical and very well intensive program for anyone who wants to widen and strengthen their understandings of firms' welfare and operations in a highly competitive market. From discovering just about money to ethics in business to the latest technology this program has it all! It gives you a stage for multiple career paths. When running/ working for any enterprise, I want to be able to look at the big picture. And this course helps you do exactly that.



It’s been an exceptionally challenging, nonetheless enriching journey so far. It’s never easy to adapt to a foreign country and with GETT it’s 3. But I must say, the support I have received from professors and programme co-ordinator is beyond anything. Whether it be academic, administrative, or emotional, EDHEC has been always there.


EDHEC’s scholastic life is different from India, where we emphasize more on theory and methodology. At EDHEC, we have a lot of presentations and group projects where we also learn to speak our minds in very diverse groups. We also have the opportunity to get close to companies. The real-life case studies we analyzed on the program give the practical knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complex environment in which organizations find themselves today. Having both technical and business-management capabilities will help in the journey, as I am now better able to understand the issues corporations face. EDHEC has opened me to the world. I’ve become a more positive person. Also made many professional and personal relationships here. I have become globally-minded.



Oh God! Where do I start on this. I still remember, how hard I was trying to get an internship in Europe. I was doing my 2nd semester in South Korea at Sungkyunkwan University and it was already mid-April almost the end of the semester. I had applied to quite a lot of companies but being non-European and not been able to physically available for an interview made the process even harder. But with the constant help received from a career centre at EDHEC, from professors and friends, I kept on trying and luckily I was able to secure an internship in Sweden. After that, it was like a dream come through as I was able to secure my upcoming internships in Norway and Poland. I never expected this at all when I had applied for EDHEC. I thought studying in 3 different countries is already an extraordinary thing, little did I know that I will be doing my internships in different countries too. Just recently, I got my summer internship at DHL as a project manager in France. EDHEC gave me the opportunity to follow my passion of travelling across the world, and my dream to find a direction, a path which I can hold on to in my early days and walk upon, in my later years to come.


I would advise not to be afraid to step out of your comfort. Take the Leap! Also, work on your language skills, that would help. Embrace the experience and diversity you are been exposed too as not everyone gets a chance to do so while studying. Lastly, it’s not the programme itself but the friendships and connections nurtured through it, are more valuable and matters the most.   


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