Meet a student: Hoping to contribute to the fight against climate change

Written on 04 Jan 2022.


Jan Hendrik Heihoff joined the brand new EDHEC’s MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance. He hopes to play an active role in scaling the innovations we need to get to net-zero emissions.


What is your background prior to joining EDHEC?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Management & Technology from the Technical University of Munich. The program offers a variety of specialisations and I focused on Finance and Computer science. After graduation, I completed a traineeship at a Munich- and Berlin-based venture capital firm and did an internship in Strategy & Operations at a German Fintech.


What made you decide to join EDHEC MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance?

I have been specifically looking for a program in Climate Change and Finance because I want to focus my career on tackling climate change. There are only very few programs in Europe and EDHEC’s double degree with MINES ParisTech is a unique offer that attracted me.


What is your experience of this double degree program so far?

I really like being in a small cohort and having very engaged professors. Attending both a business and an engineering school enables us to learn from experts in climate science, energy systems, and finance.


Do you think a sound understanding of climate change and sustainable finance will be key in your future workplace?

Yes, definitely. Because I want to work at the intersection of both, it will be central to my career. Generally, I believe that a sound understanding of climate change is important for any workplace if we want to be serious about tackling climate change.


What do you hope to achieve once you graduate?

I want to help scale the innovations we need to get to net-zero emissions.


What are your job aspirations?

I want to start a full-time job where I work with climate tech startups. This could be in different roles either at a startup directly or at a venture capital firm.


In conclusion, why do you think future students should be interested in our MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance?

Choosing the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance enables future students to differentiate themselves and to better understand the role finance plays in tackling climate change.

I believe it can be very fulfilling for future students to pursue the program.



Learn more about the MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance


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