Ignite your passion by gaining vital skills and experience in data analytics and artificial intelligence

Discover how our MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence serves your future career goals in any industry you choose to work in.

Written on 27 Feb 2018.



The use of large datasets to guide business decisions is becoming increasingly important for all industries. The MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence programme is designed to place you at the forefront of current and emerging economic trends. You will gain a common language, general knowledge, and a global understanding of the digital tools used to manage data-driven business initiatives.


Especially suited for the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence are students interested in business management, who want to learn how to achieve success with data-driven enterprises, and students with an engineering background who want to discover business applications using datasets.


Graduates of the programme are prepared to lead the exciting data science and digital businesses being launched today. You will acquire the skills and experience to build a successful career in any industry that is creating and managing businesses using (big) data analytics.

Equip yourself for success in the emerging world of digital business, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Discover what your industry is excited about: 


  • FinanceAPG Takes the Lead on AI | "In APG’s 2020 vision, innovation and investment technology will become a key driver for pension fund success."





  • Energy: Six Big Data Challenges for the Power Industry | "The utility and power industry is in the midst of the biggest disruption in decades, if not the biggest since the ‘War of the Currents’, and it’s has been ushered in by changes in technology."


  • Marketing: How AI Can Uncover New Insights and Drive SEO Performance | "...search marketers are starting to use AI, machine learning and deep learning systems to uncover new insights, automate labor-intensive tasks and provide a whole new level of personalization to guide website visitors through their purchase funnel."




  • Entrepreneurship: UNICEF Funding Opportunity for Blockchain Start-ups | "The UNICEF Innovation Fund is looking to make $50-90K equity-free investments to provide early stage (seed) finance to for-profit technology start-ups that have the potential to benefit humanity."


  • Art & Culture: App Aims to be the “Shazam” of the Art Museum | "Scanning a painting on the app does more than just identify it to a user, it also brings up a wealth of information about the art and its creator beyond what the label displays."




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