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Impact of technology on law practice

Professor Christophe Roquilly gives cutting-edge insights on technology use by in-house lawyers in France in General Counsel Magazine - The legal 500, an international review.

Written on 22 Mar 2019.


Director of the LegalEdhec Research Centre & Co-Director of the LL.M., and also Dean of Faculty and Research, Professor Christophe Roquilly provides a reality check on the present state of technology use by in-house teams in France, as well as how to best prepare tomorrow’s lawyer for innovations yet to come. “An important objective or challenge is to make in-house counsel more comfortable with the technology, doing demos, sharing success stories, sharing best practices and, to a certain extent, kill the myth that technology is too complicated: that it’s not for you guys because you are lawyers”, says Professor Roquilly in an article published on The Legal 500.

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