Improving the World through Entrepreneurship: Business initiatives towards global sustainability

Lara SCHUHWERK, German, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management Student, EDHEC-2018.


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Written on 02 Aug 2018.


The MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation has prepared me to solve real-world business challenges. I am introducing to the marketplace—Beneto Foods—a high protein pasta designed to revolutionize the sports nutrition market and support sustainable food practices. 


Why EDHEC Business School?

I discovered EDHEC Business School for the very first time in March 2017 when I visited a fair in Zürich. After my Bachelor graduation in Business Administration I was certain about two things: One, I intended to specialize in an area that I am passionate about and two, I wanted to study in a foreign country. Reading through the course descriptions of the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme I knew that this programme would give me what I was looking for.

Later, I compared the EDHEC MSc with other universities and I was convinced that this programme is the one and only offering where I could learn to become a successful and innovative entrepreneur. I am always searching for an opportunity to grow and make something meaningful. The MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides a way to achieve these personal goals. The programme is international and it provides a valuable professional network, along with the personal and professional development skills needed to achieve my dreams.



The problem we are solving

In about 30 years, the global population is expected to reach 10 billion people. This boom will put an immense strain on our environment if we continue to fulfill, at the same rate of our present-day consumption habits, our demand for conventional animal protein. Some believe we have already reached our limits.

The problem we are solving with Beneto Foods is to help the world become less dependent on animal products. Our pasta, offers the world a more sustainable and ecologically sound protein source. I believe that it is wonderful that a dish of pasta can contain levels of protein to fulfill athletic goals and lessen the environmental impact.

Imagine eating your favourite pasta without remorse to your personal health or the health of our planet. Beneto’s social and sustainable innovation is that our food brand promotes the consumption of ecological, high quality protein made from organic cricket powder.


How EDHEC is helping me to solve this challenge

The MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is helping me to think and act like an entrepreneur. EDHEC’s professors, with their combination of theoretical expertise and real-world business experience, are enabling me to see new ways of solving my entrepreneurial challenges and to build a strong, resilient and creative mind-set. These attributes are important when introducing a new food source to the marketplace. I’ve learned how to spot and capitalise on emerging opportunities and to be proactive in my pursuit of creating a social and behavioural change.

The EDHEC experience is fundamental in helping me to develop and grow my startup, but it also created the opportunity for me to work with my closest friend, Adeola Soyemi, on an enriching student-leadership initiative – TEDx. These experiences have helped me to expanded my network and to meet inspiring, motivating, and smart people: fellow students, company founders and my professors.

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