Inspiring innovations for the senior citizens

Written on 17 Dec 2021.


Perline Hochart, Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) student, took part in the Silver Awards 2021 edition. The student challenge aims at helping build solutions to some problems facing the elderly now and in the future. Her team won the challenge.


Why did you decide to take part in the Silver Valley challenge?

I was aware of the Challenge thanks to Léa Durand, the GETT program coordinator, who organised a meeting with Silver Valley and suggested that we apply if we were interested. I am sensitive to the problems of the elderly, particularly the loss of autonomy, which is why I seized the opportunity to innovate in the Silver Economy.


What project did you work on?

I have been working on a project that falls within the theme of home adaptation. We created the Chariot Nomi, an innovative omni-trolley for better and longer autonomy. The trolley with three-dimensional wheels allows it to turn and climb stairs. It facilitates the transport of heavy loads and makes it easier for seniors to get around.


What are the main highlights and takeaways of your participation?

The team was composed of 4 different and complementary profiles. We all really co-created the product and we all brought ideas that made the project evolve. For my part, I proposed the triple multidirectional wheels which I invented by mixing two existing concepts.

I was also more qualified on the financing and business part thanks to my studies, but also a lot on the design part, skills that I acquired through my hobbies.


Were you surprised to win the challenge?

My team put a lot of effort into this project. We worked a lot during the 11 days of the challenge without knowing what the other teams were preparing and what their progress was. So we didn't have high expectations for fear of being disappointed. In the end, our work was successful and we are very happy and proud of it.


Photo taken during the Silver Awards 

How does this challenge link back to the GETT program?

The GETT program has definitely an entrepreneurial dimension, we are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and creative. Innovation is an integral part of our courses and group projects. In addition, we have access to the EDHEC incubator with its 230 places in Station F but also to Berkeley Skydeck, where we can give free rein to our creativity and ideas.


What’s next?

A real Chariot Nomi of course!

We are in contact with Silver Valley who are accompanying us on this great path, we are determined to take this project as far as possible...



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