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Passionate about marketing, Rishabh Patil embarked on a three-year journey at EDHEC Business School. He is the lucky awardee of the EDHEC French Embassy in India Co-Financed Scholarship.

Written on 10 Feb 2020.


Rishabh Patil joined EDHEC Master’s in Management, Business Management in 2019. While studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Mumbai, he realised that he had a passion for marketing. “I was not sure about what I wanted to do, so Computer Engineering seemed like a good option and there I learnt many things, led many projects, but once, you find your inner calling, you have to go for it!” And he went for it and applied to EDHEC for its top ranking, alumni network, and location: France. “I studied French for 6 years and coming to France has been my childhood dream.” Eager to learn about the French culture and cuisine… he went through travel books and TV shows, and after many years of waiting, he finally visited Paris with his family. He also used applications to reinforce his language skills which proved to be useful beyond hope. “I used Duolingo and Tandem. Made many good friends on the latter. One of them even came to pick me up when I arrived in Lille!”.

A chance to practice marketing 

Rishabh is an active member of two student associations: Oikos, a global student association that promotes the idea of sustainable development in the business world and TEDx EDHEC Business School, an independent branch of the global media organisation TED that spreads ideas worth sharing. He is engaged in creating posters, promotional videos, catchphrases, stage design... “The association life helps you actively tackle a situation and implement a solution. It complements our up-to-date classroom education that has a really practical approach along with case studies that confront us with the reality of working in companies.” Recently, Rishabh worked on the P&G challenge to develop a full marketing plan to help P&G grow in the male grooming market in France. “We had the opportunity to meet with professionals from P&G. While working on the project, I really felt like I was a part of that company! It gives you a taste of how your career will be like.”

The happiest day of his year! 

Rishabh had applied for the EDHEC French Embassy in India Co-Financed Scholarship, and after 6 long months of waiting, he got it! “Without it, I would have had to take a loan. This scholarship is a great opportunity for people who have the skills but not the finance. When I received the news that I was the lucky awardee, it felt like the happiest day of my life!”, reminds Rishabh with a smile. And this smile does not seem to leave his face. “So far, the EDHEC experience has been quite pleasant. I have adjusted to a new way of life and learning, and have made quite a few great friends. Our professors are really helpful and always there for us. The EDHEC country manager for India, Nilesh Gaikwad, and the International Students Office have played a major role in making this journey really smooth for me. Now I’m able to easily balance my course work, association stuff, and social life, making the best of my time here.”

Carpe Diem!   


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