Meet an Alumna: a passion-driven job

Written on 04 May 2022.


Alice Luppens graduated from EDHEC Business School in 2021. She explains how the MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation helped shape her career. She is a Celebrity and Influencer manager at Cartier.


Why did you choose the MSc in Creative Business and Social Innovation?

I always wanted to work as a project manager within the creative industry, but I had no idea of the industry I would want to evolve in. That’s why, during my EDHEC BBA studies, I decided to try all the different industries during my internships.

I worked in the sports industry for the Tour de France, then in the music industry for Music Events agency, in tourism in New York City for Atout France, and finally, in wine and spirit for Pernod Ricard.

Despite these different experiences, my choice of career was still not obvious. That’s why after a meeting with Pr. Isabelle Sequeira, who was my thesis tutor, I started doing some research about the Creative Business and Social Innovation Master’s outcomes. Then, it became obvious that the master's was the perfect fit for my professional goals. The master’s different courses enabled me to become an innovative and ambitious project manager.

In this master's, we applied different topics (marketing, legal, finance…) to many creative industries such as the film industry, the fashion industry, and the video games industry.


What is the main strength of this program?

To me, the main strength of this program is the whole range of courses. It enables us to manage a project from A to Z, in full autonomy, and within any given creative industry.


What was your favorite course? Favorite professor?

My favorite course was called “Lifestyle and Social Practices” because this course supplemented the more "classical" marketing courses I previously had. This course helped me understand that lifestyles are more than trends. Lifestyles have become deep convictions in line with the consumers’ core values. These lifestyles influence them and lead them to make decisions in many areas, in many different situations of their lives, and it is not just a simple fad that a person wishes to follow as we may often think.

During my time at EDHEC, my favorite professor was Isabelle Sequeira. The program director is passionate and knowledgeable. Pr. Sequeira is a lady of passion. Each topic and each course took a different dimension when taught by her. The passion that emanates from Mrs Sequeira pushed me to be curious about subjects that I was not necessarily passionate about, to begin with, and furthermore to question myself about topics or issues that I would have never thought of before.


You chose the MSc in Creative Business and Social Innovation. How did it prepare you for your role as a Celebrity and influencer manager at Cartier?

This MSc was definitely the best training I had to prepare me to work in this industry. In my daily missions, I have to negotiate with celebrities’ agents, draft contracts, handle all the logistics and coordination around them (global events planning, security, hair and makeup style, interviews, flights, hotels…), manage a budget, monitor suppliers… and this applies to all sort of events that a celebrity may need to attend (private event, international festivals, Met gala, premieres…).

Moreover, in my line of work, I am used to facing last-minute problems or changes and special demands so I have to be solution-oriented, innovative, and creative.

So, indeed, EDHEC’s MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation learnings enabled me to fulfill my daily missions as Celebrity and Influencer Manager.


What can you tell us about your role?

My role as “Celebrity and Influencer Manager” is to coordinate the way we deal with celebrities in the whole world. For example, if a celebrity is invited to attend an event in a city, my role will be to coordinate and book all she/he needs from the transportation to the glam squad that will prepare her/him for the event. Moreover, before the event, I will have to deal with the agent concerning the contract and of course, manage a general budget.

This job is very diverse and leaves no room for routine. Each day brings a new challenge and I am constantly juggling multiple projects. Our focus is international, which means I have to travel constantly to support celebrities and provide them with the best service.

Unfortunately, I have a strong confidentiality clause as you can imagine so I can't tell you much more!


Your best memory of EDHEC will remain….

My two first years in the BBA program because of the student club’s life and the different person I have met thanks to the EDHEC Sports office and the student’s club called “Beyond”. I have so many memories of these years and the true friends that I have met who have been my best supports and partners in finding internships and jobs that led me to my dream job today.


A piece of career advice for young graduates?

Believe in yourself and be ambitious.  The greatest chance you will get is to find a job that you are passionate about, that matches your values, and makes you happy to go to work every morning. A job that doesn't even feel like it’s a job anymore because you are in the right place.

Our generation is a generation of passionate people, so don't just find a job that looks good on your resume, find a job that motivates you every day!


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