MiM or MSc?

You are thinking of joining a Master's programme, but you wonder what is the best fit for you? Here are some information on the differences between a Master in Management and a Master of Science to guide you.

Written on 28 Jan 2021.


#1. Duration

While a Master of Science will last for 18 months, internship included, a Master in Management programme will take you on a three-year journey. Two years of academic courses and one year in between to experience the job market.

#2. Academics

A Master in Management is a general business management programme. The Master 1 year will lay the first foundations of your management skills. You will learn about Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Management Human Capital… For example, EDHEC Business School offers three Masters in Management, one in Business Management, one in Financial Economics and one in Global Economic Transformation & Technology. Each has its own curriculum design, providing electives which prepare for the specialisation of your choosing.

Masters of Science are specialised programmes that provide advanced knowledge and expertise in a specific field or sector: in Marketing, in Financial Markets, in Consulting, in Data Science, in Management, in the Creative Economy...

In most business schools, both are entirely taught in English 

#3. Work experience

You will gain experience during your professional immersion year in a Master in Management which means you can pursue a MiM with no or little work experience. The Master of Science applicants often have some work experience and MSc candidates usually aim at sharpening their skills or bringing their careers to the next level.

Requirements are important, but the essential part is for you to answer these simple questions. What are you passionate about? What are you ready to invest in your education, especially if you chose to study abroad (time and money)? Are you ready to study, live and work abroad? Is the curriculum design the best fit for you? How important are the rankings to you? Which is the Master most suited to your career aspirations? Who are the company relations or programme sponsors? Do you speak the language of the country or are you willing to learn it?...

#4. The ROI

Reaching out to the Alumni of the business schools you are aiming for will be an excellent first step to inquire about their study experience and career outcomes. You can also check out the career placements, usually available on the schools’ websites.


Check out the video of Shraman Biswas who opted for a Master of Science and Lina Antelmann who joined a Master in Management.

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