My campus life - MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EDHEC - Part 1

Hi, I’m Shashank Verma - MiM BM M1 Student, from India, let me tell you my story.

Written on 02 Oct 2019.


I often introduce myself as a mix of rural and urban India. I spent part of my childhood in the heart of India, in a humble village. My parents finally left it, hoping for a better life. I have both witnessed the struggle for basic amenities in my village and indulged in opportunities and luxuries offered by the urban life. This life experience helped me become empathetic. I can easily understand and relate to people from different walks of life.

After high school, I pursued a Bachelor of Technology at Manipal Institute of Technology. This Indian institute is renowned for its global presence, strong alumni network, flexible curriculum and for fostering experiential learning. Striving to make the best of my education, I regularly took part in various extracurricular activities offered by the university to heighten my leadership abilities and cross-cultural awareness. I spearheaded clubs and associations like IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Exposure to the technological way of today's world molded me in ways that have been essential to my personal and professional growth. I grew into a self-driven learner – a skill that I now use to explore and enhance my capabilities. Moreover, the skill helps me identify the shortcomings of our society and, try and build fool-proof innovative solutions. I also joined an NGO that focused on the education of underprivileged children. I interacted with children to understand and find solutions to some critical problems they faced. In my third year of college, I was promoted to the position of Vice-Chairperson. I raised funds by hosting multiple cultural events on our college campus. I promoted the "share your laptop" programme (organisation of English classes for unprivileged children). This showed me the hardships of life in rural areas and how technology can help overcome them in a faster and smoother manner.

Right after my Bachelor's, I worked in the Business Development field at Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd (BYJU’s), the world's most valuable education-technology firm. In the Business Development field, I developed soft skills, a core understanding of customer needs, mapping product USPs to customers, and learned about the industry trade.

Simultaneously to my job, I launched a start-up company, The Big Bison, which combines my interest in traveling with my passion for entrepreneurship. We specialise in camping and trekking activities in natural settings, away from cities. Urban people need weekend getaways for rejuvenation. I hope my education at EDHEC will help me flourish and expand this business.

Coming to France

I got my admission to EDHEC in January 2019, 7 months before the intake. A good news that did not come alone: I was lucky to receive a scholarship from EDHEC in the form of a tuition fee reduction. My excitement to begin this journey knew no boundaries! I frantically watched every YouTube video on the school's official YouTube channel. I also got in touch with Alumni and students of EDHEC via LinkedIn to know more about campus life.

To equip myself for coming to my dream country (being a huge fan of football!), I decided to take French lessons at the Alliance Française de Pune, Maharashtra. I spent the following months learning French, going through the visa process, house hunting, understanding job prospects, and packing up bags for what would be my very first international travel. I underwent a bittersweet phase of anxiousness and exhilaration.

When I first landed in Lille, an unfamiliar place, I was welcomed by the school’s pick-up service. Despite the tiredness that comes along with a long trip, I was willing to get a glimpse of the famous semi-circular building that I had visited through videos a hundred times before! As soon as I could, I went to see the beautiful campus of EDHEC and subsequently, my home for the next three years. I was awestruck exploring every little detail of the campus.

A roaring start

To my pleasant surprise, the International Students Office at Lille run by Céline, Claire & Kathleen was extremely welcoming and made me feel at home in no time. The welcoming ceremony went on for five continuous days. I was delighted to explore numerous events involving food, music, movies, sports, dance, integration days, and inspirational talks.

Having started attending classes, I'm all set to make the most of my time here. I'm very excited to study the subjects I've long been interested in and of course, enjoy the extra-curricular activities offered by the school to their fullest.

The Master in Management programme at EDHEC is a cornerstone for me to gain the necessary knowledge of business, skills, and tools to hopefully play an innovative role and grow both personally and professionally.

To me, one of the major assets of EDHEC is its high involvement in the entrepreneurship sector and excellent corporate partnerships. I am confident that pursuing studies in this sector will enable me to create a platform where people could generate revenue and act for the betterment of society. Moreover, this programme will provide me with hands-on experience in the industry and a very practical approach to the curriculum.

The classroom interactions have exposed me to cultures and ideologies different from mine. I’m highly inclined towards the Marketing and Strategy specialisations offered by the school. However, I intend to explore all fields and choose the one that will suit me the most.

EDHEC fosters cooperation and teamwork through class assignments, group projects… A learning environment that helps every one of us to open up and prepares us for team management.

I believe this overall atmosphere will assure me a high-quality social experience and contribute significantly to my holistic growth.

I got elected Class rep’

Another good news came my way before I published this first article. I got chosen by my peers to become a Class rep. I value healthy relationships in life, and I see this opportunity as a catalyst to become closer to my teachers and my peers. Working closely with my peer group and my teachers will help me understand their underlying thoughts and ideas about the course curriculum and will eventually help me bridge the gaps if any. I want to understand the decision-making process that goes behind the concrete course foundation. I want to make sure every little detail that bothers a student mentally or physically is noticed and resolved. I want to strengthen the relationship between the students and the mentors and thereby make an impact in improving the overall education and interpersonal relationship standards in our international ecosystem. And hopefully, make and leave a positive mark at EDHEC.




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