#MyEDHECcommunity - Sticking together

Sébastien Santus and Lauren Freshwater are both MSc Marketing Management students. Friends and classmates, they have decided to stick together during these challenging times.


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Written on 27 Mar 2020.


“I knew that Lauren would be alone in Lille. So I offered her to come to my family’s home in the suburb of Paris, we had a spare room. It was obvious. You don’t leave a friend behind. Besides, all the other students of the MSc were going back to their homes”, says Sébastien. “I found it super nice of them! I must admit that I felt a little panicked at the idea of being alone and isolated in Lille. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be with Sébastien’s family who is very welcoming. My family, back in the USA is also reassured," says Lauren. And it also helps with the projects, yet to come.  “We are about to finish one for Ubisoft and then we have two more. So with the other students, we will work together on our parts,” explain the students who have established a daily routine: answering EDHEC’s academic requirements, keeping in touch with the rest of their class on Facebook and Skype, practicing sport and having recreational times. “Time flies and we are never bored.”


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