New rankings confirm EDHEC as a top-tier international business school

The 2020 QS World University Rankings have placed some of EDHEC’s Master of Science programmes in the top 25 worldwide, underscoring its position as a top-tier international business school.

Written on 23 Oct 2019.


The annual QS Business Masters Rankings are world-renowned and compiled based on factors such as employability, alumni outcomes, value for money and diversity. EDHEC’s MSc degrees in Marketing Management, Global & Sustainable Business, and Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence stood out for their alumni outcome and employability scores.

MSc in Marketing Management ranks ninth in the world

EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management ranked ninth in the QS Business Masters Rankings. It is a holistic programme, giving students an in-depth knowledge of marketing, with a focus on the luxury and entertainment sectors. The students benefit from the programme’s close ties with video-game company Ubisoft.

“Through the MSc in Marketing Management, I strive to make the experience of learning exciting, cutting edge and meaningful to the marketing challenges confronting the world today,” says Professor Guergana Guintcheva, who created the MSc. The programme is a high point of her 20-year career as an academic, educator and marketing practitioner. “It fulfils my purpose to create a platform to stimulate the brightest minds interested in marketing,” she adds.

“I chose to create the MSc in Marketing Management at EDHEC because the spirit of this business school corresponds to the mission and values of my programme: to provide students with intense understanding of marketing concepts and their application to real-life projects developed in cooperation with leading companies,” Prof. Guintcheva continues. “I am thrilled to help shape the future of our industry. This is my vision of marketing with purpose.”

Her vision is shared by her current and former students. Natalia Spiliopoulou from Greece embarked on the MSc in Marketing Management in 2019 after her Bachelor’s degree at Athens University of Economics and Business. “I carried out in-depth research in order to choose the right business school,” Natalia says. “I made my choice based on multiple parameters: the ranking (I only looked at schools that were positioned in the top 15-20 schools worldwide), the curriculum (I was looking for a programme that would give me a thorough knowledge of marketing and focus on the luxury industry), and give me value for money. I chose EDHEC for these reasons, as well for its unique location at the heart of Europe and Prof. Guintcheva’s availability to students, which is extremely rare.”

Natalia believes that the programme will broaden her horizons and improve her chances of succeeding in her future career goal, to become a product manager in a luxury cosmetic firm or in fast-moving consumer goods. “In the long run, I’d like to build my own company to do with makeup and makeup tools using artificial intelligence (AI),” she says.

Swati Sharma from India graduated in 2018 and now works for Valéo as a product marketing analyst. “I began my EDHEC journey in 2015 as a Master’s student and, in 2017, I chose to specialise in Marketing Management,” Swati says. “Thanks to the brilliant teaching and coursework, which facilitated interaction with real-world businesses, the MSc programme gave me a good foundation for my transition from a technical background to the business world.

MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence strikes the right chord

The MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence ranked second in France and 24th globally. It offers the perfect combination of business, marketing skills, and coding, laying the foundation for a career in a whole host of areas, from digital planner or business analyst to chief technology officer or big-data architect.

When I launched this MSc, I was convinced that educating business students in data analysis, coding and artificial intelligence applications would be more than an asset,” says Professor Florian Pelgrin, the MSc programme director. “And it is, not only for the school, which invested in a new field of study, but mostly for our alumni. Their feedback emphasises that the MSc has struck the right balance between business analytics and data science, making them extremely valuable on the tech job market. This ranking will, I’m sure, offer them and the MSc extra recognition.”  

Marine Jacquemin-Loriaux graduated this year and found a job as a data scientist at Airbus Helicopters. “The MSc allowed me to acquire a good foundation for highly technical positions in data science,” she says. “Beyond the technical aspects, the MSc equips you to give real thought to data-related issues, both ethically and geopolitically. These are major issues for companies, yet all too often still absent from enterprise-wide discussions.”

New MSc in Global & Sustainable Business proves its mettle

The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business addresses one of the major global business challenges today: how to come up with business solutions for the future that are both sustainable and profitable. It ranked 15th out of 129 programmes globally in the 2020 Master’s in Management category. Professor Bastiaan Van der Linden is extremely proud of this result. “The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business always tries to be a step ahead, integrating the latest thinking and the newest teaching approaches,” he says. “This QS ranking is a powerful signal that being a forerunner can go hand in hand with high quality and an excellent reputation.

My-Linh Thieu went global on graduation, finding a job as a junior campaign manager in Cologne, Germany.  “The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business is a holistic MSc, designed for curious students who are opened to diversity and want to lead international careers,” she says. “This MSc gave me a cutting-edge and well-rounded perspective on sustainability and profitability on a global scale.

The diversity of subjects on offer – global marketing, global finance, corporate strategy for international business, international operations, business negotiation, international business law and strategic leadership, for example – gave her an overview of what global business involves.

“I also learned how to work in a multicultural environment – especially as half of my classmates were international students,” she says. “This ability to adapt to new cultures and working environments helped me a lot when I was looking for a job in Germany. German people and French people don’t share the same vision when it comes to work, nor do they have the same approach to job interviews, so I had to adapt to a new mindset to be comfortable with the recruiting process. It wasn't difficult, as I was already used to working with my fellow classmates from abroad.”

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