ONE PROGRAMME, ONE VISION EDHEC innovates in finance education

Written on 07 Feb 2019.


No less than 80 students chose to embark on a 3-month journey granting them a Hybrid Fintech Certificate! Through this certificate, students from Master in Management Finance Economics and MSc in International Accounting & Finance will learn and apply Fintech, allowing them to stay ahead of the trends in the finance industry.

The Hybrid Fintech Certificate offers students holistic and empowering knowledge in Fintech and digital finance by confronting them to the main industry trends. This hybrid course combines on and offline components: self-pace online learning, special group workshops sessions, video lectures, class discussions, in-class masterclass, expert discussions, case studies, applied discussions… This new and innovative Fintech specialisation is the result of a partnership EDHEC engaged with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE – London), another global education leader.   

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