QS 2021 ranks EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management No. 7 worldwide

EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management has received an overall score of 93.2 out of 100 for value for money in the QS rankings for 2021, placing it in the top 7.5% of institutions globally. This fantastic achievement is down to the commitment of EDHEC’s lecturers and staff members.


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Written on 23 Sep 2020.


I’m extremely proud to witness the progress of our QS worldwide ranking each year,” said Programme Director Professor Guergana Guintcheva. “In just three years, EDHEC’s MSc in Marketing Management ranking has gone from No.11 to No.7. This is the fruit of a collective effort by our marketing professors and staff, who have worked tirelessly to shape the next generation of marketers.”

With the financial aspects of attending business school increasingly important to prospective students, both in terms of immediate costs and long-term career prospects, EDHEC Business School’s value-for-money proposition and ranking are a key differentiating factor.

Celebrating the achievement

Network, skills, memories... Ieva Urbonaite, Jean-Baptiste Clervoy, Pierre Adrien Barreau, Temitope Ayorinde, and Ananya Rajpoot share their MSc in Marketing Management experience.




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