Ünalp TEKINALP, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, attended SILICON VALLEY@EDHEC 2018 organised by the EDHEC Career Centre. Discover, how this unique event allowed Ünalp to connect with digital and new media technology professionals and gain cutting-edge information to enhance his career ambitions.

Written on 15 Feb 2018.



It was an honour to meet EDHEC alumni and hear their success stories about working at companies that I aspire to work for. In attendance were representatives from Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ignition Program, Cisco, Oracle, Viously, Digital Transformers, and Liberkeys. It can be easy to forget that great companies are comprised of people and meeting these people gave me new insights into the working-life at their companies.


The one-on-one and group conversations at SILICON VALLEY @ EDHEC 2018 deepened my access to the EDHEC alumni and I quickly discovered that these people are the types of people that I want to be working side-by-side with: smart, motivated professionals that I can learn from, have fun with, and who inspire me to be the best that I can be.


How has the event helped you to navigate toward your career goals?

It was a confidence booster to listen to, Justine Bachelot, Partner Manager of YouTube, Google share her experience with us. She announced that, only a few years ago, she was in the same position that I am in now; a student looking to start a great career.  It can be intimidating to present yourself to companies that are the size of Google. However, knowing that Ms. Bachelot was at this event and that she had a similar experience as my own, gave me the courage to connect with her and other alumni.


Who were you most excited to talk with?

Everyone in attendance was amazing and offered sound advice on how to launch a career in digital and new media technology.  I was excited to talk with Eduard Carre of LinkedIn. I learned a lot about the culture at LinkedIn, their corporate values and how amazing a city Dublin is. It attracts top talent from all over the world.


What feedback did you find to be the most memorable?

I was impressed with the personal motto of Thomas Venturini, Founder of Liberkeys, who said, "We should not try to fit into a given shape, but should instead, seek out companies that have the values we admire and to which our personalities correspond to the most "

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