Two Indian students granted “French Embassy-EDHEC” scholarship

Every year EDHEC and the French Embassy honour two Indian students with an excellent academic record with a scholarship covering over 50% of their tuition fees. Keeping up with the tradition, this year EDHEC has selected two of India’s brightest minds eligible for the scholarship.

Written on 23 Jan 2018.



Aditi MISHRA and Saketh REDDY have been granted the prestigious EDHEC – French Embassy in India co-financed Scholarship 2017. The two students share their experience studying at EDHEC and explain how the scholarship has made an impact on their educational aspirations.


Why did you decide to join EDHEC? What is your first impression about France?


Aditi MISHRA:  For a finance enthusiast like myself, EDHEC, with its world-class faculty and reputation, is a natural choice. What really motivated me to apply for this programme was the flexibility to module my degree and the ability to gain practical experience before deciding on my Masters 2. France is definitely the international hub of finance, industry, and commerce. There are many opportunities for students to grow. All the people that I have had an opportunity to interact with have been extremely helpful. Overall, I am extremely happy with my choice of EDHEC!


Saketh REDDY:  Pursuing a Masters in Management at EDHEC business school is my first choice because the school's flexible curriculum will allow me to discover different courses, I believe this will help me to develop a well-rounded skill-set and to hone my business acumen. I was also impressed by EDHEC's commitment to its student-run organisations. The Student Associations offer a unique opportunity to acquire working experience and give me the ideal platform to transition from engineering towards a career that responds to my passion; international business management 




What are your career goals?


Aditi MISHRA:  I am keen on making a career in Investment Banking because it allows me to hone my finance acumen while putting my technical and analytical skills to the test. Also, it gives me the chance to work in a very dynamic work environment, surrounded by some of the smartest people. This really excites me.


Saketh REDDY: The consulting profession is the right fit for me because I like variety and I perform well in uncertain or ambiguous environments. As an engineering student with a specialization in energy engineering, I have developed a great interest in management consulting skills and strategic thinking, My career goal is to work as an Energy & Environment Consultant at a top multinational consultancy firm.



How does studying abroad support your career goals?


Aditi MISHRA: The educational structure in France, and specifically at EDHEC, is focused on making you career-ready. Be it learning through case studies, numerous presentations, or a lot of group assessments, EDHEC continuously keeps us on our toes. The unique programme structure also allows me to gain some practical experience before returning for my Masters 2 studies - something that would not have been possible anywhere else. Moreover, the opportunity to interact with and learn alongside the EDHEC student body—the smartest and most diverse peer group I have encountered—has definitely helped me grow as an individual.


Saketh REDDY: Studying abroad, especially in a multicultural environment like EDHEC allows me to view the world from different perspectives. This ability to see the world in multiple ways is vital to successful strategic planning. Lastly, by studying in Europe I gain the opportunity to work in the European renewable energy sector.



How does it feel to be awarded a French Embassy level Co-Financed scholarship?


Aditi MISHRA: I am extremely grateful and honoured to be granted the French Embassy-EDHEC Co-Financed Scholarship. Being an Embassy Scholarship holder, it not only provides financial assistance, but also constant support in integrating and adapting to life in France.


Saketh REDDY: The selection and recognition by the French Embassy-EDHEC Co-Financed Scholarship has increased my confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.



Do you believe the status of the Co-Finance scholarship award from the French Embassy & EDHEC will improve your career path?


Aditi MISHRA: Definitely! I am so thankful to EDHEC and the French Embassy. This scholarship allows me to focus on my academics. The financial assistance, gives me more time to dedicate to studies, and it encourages me to work harder and give back to EDHEC.


Saketh REDDY: Definitely. The French Embassy-EDHEC Co-Financed Scholarship makes a big difference in how much free time and resources I can give to service-learning, volunteer opportunities, and internships. These experience enhancing opportunities combined with the boost in confidence will further my knowledge development and provide me with a great career! 



Would you like to stay abroad or come back to your home country after studies?


Aditi MISHRA: I am open to opportunities both in India and abroad because the geographic location is not a deciding factor for me, when choosing an employer. 


Saketh REDDY: I would prefer working in different regions of the world gathering a variety of experiences and skills before heading back to my home country; India.



Are you considering to have an internship/ job in France or in other countries?


Aditi MISHRA: I am looking open to opportunities both France and in other parts of the world. 


Saketh REDDY:  I would love to have an internship in France right after my first year at EDHEC, as this would give me great insight into the French energy sector and would also help me get a stronger grasp on the French language!


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