Round Up: October 2017

The Round-up is where we capture some of the most interesting things that the finance & business management community is sharing with each other on social media.

Written on 17 Oct 2017.

Below is a look at what the world is excited about this month.


  • Top Tips for Good Negotiation | "Effective negotiation, says a number of specialist business school professors, is rooted in the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand the context in which you are negotiating."



  • Harnessing Technology and Collaboration for Social Good | "While academia is slow, rigorous, and thoughtful, the tech world is fast, flexible, and easily distracted. I have become increasingly convinced of how seriously these worlds need each other, and of the unbelievable progress, we could make if we brought together academics, tech developers, governments, private companies, and impassioned citizens. It is both possible and necessary."


  • Garbage in. Garbage Out. | "Every single form of bias that the psychologists had found in humans, we also found in the computer."