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Jianwei ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Chenyi Jiang, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Business Development specialist - Rexroth
Grigorii Pomazkin, Russian, EDHEC-2020
Data Scientist, Particle.one, Moscow
Ravagan Sivanandan, Indian, EDHEC 2020
Analyst, Bloomberg, London
Zachary Kane, American, EDHEC 2020
Process and Project Manager, Google, California
Luca Tagliarini, Italian, EDHEC-2020
Ignacio Hermoso Jiménez, Spanish, EDHEC-2022
Ramana Tenneti, Indian, EDHEC-2019
Operations & Development Consultant, D-Vois Communications, India
Huang ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2018
Project Contract Manager at Bombardier Transportation - Lille
Aditi Mishra, Indian, EDHEC-2020
LinkedIn's Strategy & Analytics Program - Dublin
Chunyan Ji, Chinese, EDHEC-2020
Nouhaila Shimi, Moroccan, EDHEC-2022
Shantanu Khandelwal, Indian, EDHEC-2022
Lou Qiangkai, Chinese, EDHEC-2020
Susan Ya Luo, Chinese, EDHEC-2020
Publishing Manager - Garena - Sandbox
Alexis Doise, French
Marco Vecchiato, Italian, EDHEC-2021
Oluropo Olugbemi, Nigerian, EDHEC-2020
Marco Höning, German, EDHEC-2019
Keinz Dahany, Moroccan, EDHEC-2019
Specialised Financing & Event-driven Hedging at BNP Paribas-London
Utkarsh Arora, Indian, EDHEC-2021
Ilia Shchupko, Russian - EDHEC-2019
Data Analyst in Global Data department at Bloomberg-London
Marine Jacquemin-Lorriaux, French - EDHEC-2019
Data Scientist, Airbus Helicopters, Marignagne
Carles Santos Garcia, Spanish, EDHEC-2019
Product Analyst at Pictet Asset Management - Geneva
Shubham Lakra, Indian-EDHEC-2017
Co-founder of Bredlak SAS-Lille
Guilia La Placa, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Marketing Research Manager, Consumer Market Intelligence Department at L’Oréal, Paris
My-Linh Thieu, French, EDHEC-2019
Junior Campaign Manager at ESL Gaming Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia
Nikolay Kudinov, Russian, EDHEC-2019
Selma Rahib, French, EDHEC-2019
is on two-year graduate programme with Expedia-London
Morgane Jehel, French, EDHEC-2017
Lawyer, Cabinet Hubert Bensoussan-Paris
Xiangming Bei, Chinese, EDHEC-2019
Aritra Roy, Indian, EDHEC-2019
Assistant Category Manager at Lego-Paris area
Thomas Hofer, Austrian, EDHEC-2018
Business Development Manager at Content Guru, Munich
Johannes Engelhardt, German, EDHEC-2020
Daniel Correa Mejía, Colombian
Ananya Rajpoot, Indian
Assistant Marketing Management at Beamly-Coty-Paris
Aditi Mishra, Indian, EDHEC-2020
Giovanni Sturiale, Italian-EDHEC-2019
Camilla Georgeon, French and Italian
EDHEC-2017, Analyst in Strategy Consulting at Deloitte Luxembourg
Nathan Bouton, French, EDHEC-2021
Yingqi Lin, Chinese, EDHEC-2019
Digital Learning Project Manager at Chloé-Paris
Martin Parenti, French, EDHEC-2018
Co-founder of Delictus-Paris
Ritsuko Iinuma, Japanese, EDHEC-2019
People & Experience, Deckers Brands, Tokyo, Japan
Mattias Evans, British, EDHEC-2021
Asmaa Taki, Moroccan, EDHEC-2020
Cher Croizer, Franco-Brazilian, EDHEC-2015
Senior Advisor in the Management Consulting Practice at KPMG Luxembourg
Temitope Ayorinde, Nigerian, EDHEC-2018
Executive Assistant to the Group Head of Legal Operations at AKKA Technologies-Brussels
François-Nicolas Gombert, French, EDHEC-2016
Senior consultant at Capgemini Invent-Paris area
Maxime Bouchez, French, EDHEC-2019
Junior Product Manager at Seb-Annecy
Santiago Fandiňo, Colombian, EDHEC-2018
Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Toluna-Paris
Laura de Oliveira, French, EDHEC-2019
Operations Transformation Consultant at Capgemini-Paris area
Nicolas Esnis, French, EDHEC-2018
Data Analyst at Adikteev-San Francisco
Dorian Janvier, French, EDHEC-2020
Louis Baqué, French-EDHEC-2019
Founder of Good Vie-Paris area
Aurelia Amalvict, French
Product Data Analyst at Malt-Paris area
Michele De Matteo, Italian, EDHEC-2021
Sales & Trading Intern at Morgan Stanley-London
Simone D’Angelo, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Investments & Wealth Management at Barclays UK-London
Chloé Potier, French, EDHEC-2021
Alberto TEODORI, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Junior Auditor at Deloitte Luxembourg
Celine FOOK, Singaporean, EDHEC-2018
Senior Associate at KPMG Singapore
Norah K'habore, French/Ivorian/Burkinabe
Analyst, FICC Structuring, Goldman Sachs-Hong Kong
Unalp Tekinalp, German
Lara Schuhwerk, German
Founder at Beneto Foods-Stuttgart
Dingyu HU, Chinese, EDHEC-2018
Design Thinking Expert at Accenture China-Shanghai
Adeola Soyemi, Nigerian, EDHEC-2018
Auriane de Premilhat, French, EDHEC-2017
Senior Consultant at AppNexus, A Xandr Company-Paris
Ilan COHEN, French, EDHEC-2017
Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager Junior - Xbox at Microsoft-Paris area
Valentin Hofmann, German, Edhec-2017
Financial Analyst at Clerville Investment Managemement LLP-Paris
Mariya Noncheva, Bulgarian, EDHEC - 2016
Bedelek-Bilger Basile, EDHEC-2020
Shtilyana Zheleva, Bulgarian, EDHEC-2017
Equity Research Analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux-London
Niklas Jeschke, German, EDHEC-2018
Investment Strategist-Client Portfolio Solutions at BlackRock-London
Anondo Kumar Dutta, Indian, EDHEC-2017
Audit Executive Mazars-London
Veerasu Chaipreechawit, Thai, EDHEC-2017
Project Coordinator at WYND-Paris
Riccardo Gironi, Italian, EDHEC–2017
Senior Manager, AM & AE at Amaris-New York city
Stanislas Marcoulides, French, EDHEC-2018
Business Development Manager Groupe Esprit de Corps-Montréal
Shahzad Ahmed, Pakistani, EDHEC-2017
Business Development Swarovski-Paris
Lars-Michael Wendel, German, EDHEC-2018
Business Analyst, Lufthansa Consulting-Frankfurt
Max Krack, German, EDHEC – 2016
Management M&A Consultant at Deloitte-Zurich
Marco Conti, Italian, EDHEC-2015
Portfolio Management at DWS-London
Qi Si, Chinese, EDHEC-2014
Senior banker - head of China desk at Société Générale Maroc-Casablanca
Daria Bobukh, Russian, EDHEC-2017
Product Developer at Silverfin-London
Sofiya Sarafanova, Russian, EDHEC-2016
Senior Consultant Transaction Services at PwC-Moscow
Andrea Cruz Bayona, Colombian, EDHEC-2017
Senior Risk Consultant at Avantage Reply-Paris area
Lamia Bouzoubaa, Moroccan, EDHEC-2016
Investment Banking Analyst, JP Morgan-London
David Ouanounou, French, EDHEC-2012
Business plan & forecast manager at Elis-Paris area
Virginie Pled, French, EDHEC-2012
Assistant Controller-Global Operations at Nextiva-Phoenix
Alexander Baaden, German, EDHEC-2013
Director - Head of Retail Planning & Analytics bei Gries Deco Company GmbH-Frankfurt
Zhen Ma, Chinese, EDHEC-2016
Global Process Owner, POS & Omnichannel Project at Christian Dior Couture-Paris
Maximilien Taut, German, EDHEC-2015
Consultant, EY-Munich
Pablo Smith, British/Italian, EDHEC-2016
Project Manager, Renault-Paris
Zachery Bishop, American, EDHEC-2012
Coordinating the technology practice at Cambre Associates-Brussels
Constantin Wolform, French, EDHEC-2015
Co-Founder, Pumpkin-Paris
Luna Zhang, Chinese, EDHEC-2011
Accounts Manager, Thomson Reuters - Beijing
Nunzia Saggiomo, Italian, EDHEC-2015
Strategy Manager at Condé Nast International-London
Carolina Valle, Colombian, EDHEC-2014
Product Manager Biosurgery, Ethicon France Johnson & Johnson-Paris area
Zhicheng Zhong, Chinese, EDHEC-2015
Eiffel Scholar
Alexandre Casteau, French, EDHEC-2015
Project Manager at Endeavor, secondment with McKinsey & Company (Colombia)
Tania Bachmann Trostiansky, French, EDHEC-2017
Portfolio Associate at PIMCO-London
Ethan Brown, American, EDHEC-2019
Qiyu Ji, Chinese, EDHEC-2014
Founder & CEO of Sikana China-Lille