Know what our students have to share with you.....

Oluropo Olugbemi, Nigerian, EDHEC-2020
Marco Höning, German, EDHEC-2019
Keinz Dahany, Moroccan, EDHEC-2019
Specialised Financing & Event-driven Hedging, BNP Paribas (London)
Utkarsh Arora, Indian, EDHEC-2021
Ilia Shchupko, Russian - EDHEC-2019
Data Analyst in Global Data department at Bloomberg - London
Marine Jacquemin-Lorriaux, French - EDHEC-2019
Data Scientist, Airbus Helicopters, Marignagne (France)
Carles Santos Garcia, Spanish - EDHEC-2019
Graduate Business Manager Trainee at AKKA Technologies, Switzerland
Shubham Lakra, Indian - EDHEC-2017
Co-founder of Bredlak SAS (France)
Guilia La Placa, Italian - EDHEC-2019
Marketing Research Manager, Consumer Market Intelligence Department, L’Oréal, Paris
My-Linh Thieu, French, EDHEC-2019
Junior Campaign Manager at ESL Gaming Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Nikolay Kudinov, Russian, EDHEC-2019
Selma Rahib, French, EDHEC-2019
is on two-year graduate programme with Expedia in London
Morgane Jehel, French, EDHEC-2017
lawyer, Cabinet Hubert Bensoussan - Paris (France)
Xiangming Bei, Chinese, EDHEC-2019
Aritra Roy, Indian, EDHEC-2019
Assistant Category Manager at Lego, Paris area (France)
Thomas Hofer, Austrian, EDHEC-2018
Business Development Manager at Content Guru, Munich (Germany)
Johannes Engelhardt, German
EDHEC-2020, landed internships at Google and Amazon
Daniel Correa Mejía, Colombian
Ananya Rajpoot, Indian
Assistant Marketing Management at Beamly - Coty, Paris (France)
Aditi Mishra, Indian
recipient of the Co-Financed Scholarship.
Giovanni Sturiale, Italian - EDHEC - 2019
Camilla Georgeon, French and Italian
EDHEC-2017, Analyst in Strategy Consulting at Deloitte Luxembourg
Nathan Bouton, France, EDHEC - 2021
Yingqi LIN, Chinese, EDHEC-2019
Digital Learning Project Manager at Chloé, Paris
Martin Parenti, French, EDHEC-2018
Co-founder of Delictus
Ristuko Iinuma, Japanese, EDHEC-2019
Niels van Meurs, Dutch, MiM FE, international student in exchange from Maastricht University School of Business
Mattias Evans, British, EDHEC-2021
Asmaa Taki, Moroccan, EDHEC-2020
Cher Croizer, Franco-Brazilian, EDHEC-2015
Senior Advisor in the Management Consulting Practice at KPMG Luxembourg
Temitope Ayorinde, Nigerian, EDHEC-2018
Executive Assistant to the Group Head of Legal Operations at at AKKA Technologies
François-Nicolas Gombert, French, EDHEC-2016
Senior consultant at Capgemini Invent
Maxime Bouchez, French, EDHEC-2019
Santiago Fandiňo, Colombian, EDHEC-2018
Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Toluna, Paris
Laura de Oliveira, French, EDHEC-2019
Nicolas Esnis, French, MSc Data Analytics & Arfificial Intelligence graduate - Founder of Yser Technologies
Dorian Janvier, French, EDHEC-2020
Louis Baqué, French, Msc in Corporate Finance & Banking - EDHEC-2019 - founder of Good Vie
Aurelia Amalvict, French
Product Data Analyst at Malt
Michele De Matteo, Italian, EDHEC-2021
Sales & Trading Intern at Morgan Stanley, London
Simone D’Angelo, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Summer Analyst, Barclays UK
Chloé Potier, French, EDHEC-2021
Alberto TEODORI, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Junior Auditor, Deloitte - Luxembourg
Celine FOOK, Singaporean, EDHEC-2018 - Senior Associate at KPMG (Singapore) - Master of Laws - LL.M in Law & Tax Management
Huang ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2018
Commercial and Contract Manager, Bombardier Transport, Lille
Norah K'habore, French/Ivorian/Burkinabe
Analyst, FICC Structuring, Goldman Sachs Hong Kong
Unalp Tekinalp, German
Lara Schuhwerk, German
Founder at Beneto Foods
Dingyu HU, Chinese
Design Thinking Expert at Accenture China
Adeola Soyemi, Nigerian, EDHEC-2018
Auriane DE PREMILHAT, French, EDHEC 2017 - Solution Consultant at AppNexus, A Xandr Company (France) - MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Ilan COHEN, French, EDHEC-2017 - Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager Junior - Xbox at Microsoft (France) - MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
Valentin Hofmann, German, Edhec - 2017 - Financial Analyst at Clerville Investment Managemement LLP (France) - MSc in Financial Markets
Mariya NONCHEVA, Bulgarian, EDHEC - 2016
Shtilyana ZHELEVA, Bulgarian, EDHEC- 2017 - Equity Research Analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux (London)
Niklas JESCHKE, German, EDHEC – 2018
Analyst Client Solutions, Blackrock – London
Anondo Kumar Dutta, Indian, EDHEC – 2017
Audit Executive Mazars – London
Veerasu Chaipreechawit, Thai, EDHEC – 2017
Financial Controller & Analyst AXA – Paris
Riccardo Gironi, Italian, EDHEC – 2017
Manager, Amaris – Milan
Stanislas Marcoulides, French, EDHEC – 2018
Business Development Manager Groupe Esprit de Corps – Montréal
Shahzad Ahmed, Pakistani, EDHEC – 2017
Business Development Swarovski – Paris
Lars-Michael Wendel, German, EDHEC – 2018
Business Analyst, Lufthansa Consulting – Frankfurt
Financial Analyst, Deloitte Consulting - Zurich
Marco Conti, Italian, EDHEC - 2015
Portfolio Analyst, Deutsche Asset Management - London
Qi Si, Chinese, EDHEC - 2014
Relationship Manager, Société Générale - Shangai/Paris/Madagascar
Daria Bobukh, Russian, EDHEC - 2017 - Audit Specialist in Financial services sector at KPMG (Russia)
EIFFEL Scholar - MSc in Finance
Sofiya Sarafanova, Russian, EDHEC - 2016
Audit Consultant, PwC - Moscow
Andrea Cruz Bayona, Colombian, EDHEC - 2017 - Senior Consultant at Advantage Reply (France)
EIFFEL Scholar - MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
Lamia Bouzoubaa, Moroccan, EDHEC - 2016
Investment Banking Analyst, JP Morgan - London
David Ouanounou, French, EDHEC - 2012
Business plan & forecast manager at Elis (France)
Virginie Pled, French, EDHEC - 2012
Audit manager, KPMG (USA)
Alexander Baaden, German, EDHEC - 2013
Head of Business Analytics at DölherGroup (Germany)
Zhen Ma, Chinese, EDHEC - 2016
Global Process Owner, POS & Omnichannel Project at Christian Dior Couture - Paris (France)
Maximilien Taut, German, EDHEC - 2015
Consultant, EY - Munich
Pablo Smith, British/Italian, EDHEC - 2016
Project Manager, Renault - Paris
Zachery Bishop, American, EDHEC - 2012
Coordinating the technology practice at Cambre Associates - Brussels
Constantin Wolform, French, EDHEC - 2015
Co-Founder, Pumpkin - Paris
Luna Zhang, Chinese, EDHEC - 2011
Accounts Manager, Thomson Reuters - Beijing
Nunzia Saggiomo, Italian, EDHEC - 2015
Strategy Manager at Condé Nast International - London
Carolina Valle, Colombian, EDHEC - 2014
Product Manager Biosurgery, Ethicon France Johnson & Johnson - France
Zhicheng Zhong, Chinese, EDHEC - 2015
Eiffel Scholar
Alexandre Casteau, French, EDHEC - 2015
Project Manager at Endeavor, secondment with McKinsey & Company (Colombia)
Tania Bachmann Trostiansky, French, EDHEC - 2017
Portfolio Associate at PIMCO - London
Ethan Brown, American, EDHEC- 2019
Qiyu Ji, Chinese, EDHEC 2014
Founder & CEO of Sikana China - France