Aditi Mishra, Indian, EDHEC-2020
Master in Management
MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
LinkedIn's Strategy & Analytics Program - Dublin

"I particularly appreciated EDHEC’s programme structure and the opportunity to “build your own degree”. I took the entire application process as an opportunity to get to know more about the school, connect with alumni, and learn about the faculty, and it all sounded like the right fit for me.

 Moreover, EDHEC’s high rankings, especially for its finance programmes meant that I could have access to opportunities (both professional – internships, jobs, VIE…, and academic), a strong network, and, reputed faculty. Also, I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive the EDHEC-French Embassy co-financed Scholarship that allowed me to focus on my degree and not worry about the finances. Getting a job is a concern for many students when they first think of grad schools. EDHEC’s Career Centre has been there for every step of the way. Most (if not all) of my classmates ended up doing wonderful (and highly diversified set of) internships. I spent the gap year interning at BAML, BNP Paribas, and Market Securities. Even with the current coronavirus situation with companies worldwide freezing hiring, a lot of my classmates are working with Isis, Jerome, and the rest of the Career Centre team and getting their dream jobs! I am now looking forward to joining LinkedIn as 1 of the 3 hires in the Strategy & Analytics program.

In these past three years, I have grown a lot both professionally and academically. I have also made friends from across the world! For anyone considering applying, I would recommend that you try to connect with some of the current students/alumni and get an idea of where this degree could take you!"