Equipped for a career in finance

Alberto TEODORI, Italian, EDHEC-2019
Junior Auditor at Deloitte Luxembourg

The main reason I applied to the MSc in International Accounting and Finance was – and still is – my passion for financial analysis and accounting. However, I think that this is a course that anyone with an interest in finance should consider.

The programme offers a wide range of interesting subjects and opens doors to various types of career. Many of the professors have strong professional backgrounds, or are still involved in the business world. Our lecturer in international accounting, for example, is a senior manager at PwC. It’s great to have professors that are so experienced in their subject, as this gives you exposure to real projects and topics in class discussions.

I have learned a lot from this experience. I am now able to go over complex valuation processes, to construct financial models on my own and independently check figures in financial statements. I have gained leadership, presentation and team-working skills. I am happy working with groups with people from diverse backgrounds and open to the views of people I might never have come into contact with before. I no longer fear deadlines or worry about preparing speeches.

Our teachers were a great asset in helping me figure out what I wanted to do in future. The career centre has been a great support in preparing for interviews. I am very pleased that I chose EDHEC and the MSc in International Accounting and Finance. It is not just about knowledge, which you can acquire at other schools or on Google, but about getting the right knowledge in the right way.