LegalTech fair: an opportunity for networking

Alexis Doise, French
LL.M. in Law & Tax Management

Alexis attended the 4th edition of LegalTech Fair in Paris, an opportunity for networking.

We hear a lot of things about the LegalTech world. So having the opportunity to meet some of the founders of these legal startups - mainly lawyers- is fantastic. I attended two conferences: one about online legal facilitation and another about Law in Africa. I especially enjoyed the one about Africa chaired by the founder of LegalDoctrine, the biggest African Legaltech company, and the Public Affairs Director of Microsoft. I have managed to get into the Bar School and I would really like to work on this continent, as it seems to be full of opportunities. I will soon write an article for the newspaper Les Affiches Parisiennes about it. The fair also offered me a chance to network, to discuss with people from law firms and from legaltech startups like Lawbox or Gino LegalTech. I came back with a lot of business cards!”