Andrea Cruz Bayona, Colombian, EDHEC-2017
MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
Senior Risk Consultant at Avantage Reply-Paris area

"In order to enhance my professional background, I've decided to study a master’s degree abroad. I've chosen EDHEC Business School because of its excellent reputation, its expertise in the finance field and its interest in designing academic programs focused on applying theory to real cases on businesses and the economy. I am from Colombia, a country that has been affected for more than 5 decades by armed conflict, drug trafficking, and kidnapping. Fortunately, the war seems to be arriving to the end, opening the doors to the post-conflict era. In this new stage, the country will require outstanding professionals that contribute to this promising future and I would like to participate in it from the financial field. Being awarded by the Eiffel Scholarship was not only an honor to me because of the prestigious of that program, but also a considerable economic help to pursue that dream of studying in France and in one of the top business schools.”