Bedelek-Bilger Basile, EDHEC-2020
Global Economic Transformation & Technology Track

"I have chosen the GETT track because the subjects available to study correspond to the type of work that I want to do. I am interested in new technologies and their impact on business. I think we need to be pioneers if we are to understand and offer solutions, within the evolving world of technology. The GETT track gives us the opportunity to be innovators.I want to better understand the greatest changes in new technology. I want to be at the centre of these evolutions, in particular, Silicon Valley. Moreover, the GETT track gives us a cross-cultural dimension.  This enables me to understand and compare different decision-making processes in different countries. Because I want to take part in the next big thing, such as blockchain or space conquest, I will need to be at the heart of innovation and disruption.

This track is an amazing opportunity to be close to where new business practices are taking place. We will be the first generation, the pioneers."