Carles Santos Garcia, Spanish, EDHEC-2019
MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation
Product Analyst at Pictet Asset Management - Geneva

"The MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation helped me to gain the tools I needed to choose my career path. I had the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in different top-tier companies within the creative and social industry, which helped me to identify the current strategical challenges in those organisations and how to tackle them. It also prepared me to become an entrepreneur or to work as a consultant by giving me the opportunity to gain a 360° view of the cultural and social industry. Aside from my educational pursuits, being in a multicultural environment and meeting people from all over the world helped to shape my life view. It made me more open and allowed me to discover how rewarding it can be to stray out of my comfort zone. EDHEC has really changed my way of thinking!"