Chenyi Jiang, Chinese, EDHEC-2021
Master in Management
Business Management
MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting
Business Development specialist - Rexroth

I feel happy and proud to witness the progress of EDHEC in different rankings. It is a reflection of the school’s overall strength, especially on its academics and the career perspectives of its Alumni. Furthermore, as EDHEC’s reputation increases globally, it will benefit its students and Alumni. More top consulting firms will become our programme sponsors or be more likely to hire our graduates. This is a virtuous circle. EDHEC is certainly the stepping stone for us entering our dream companies. At EDHEC, we have excellent teachers with great personalities! They are open-minded, thoughtful, and inspiring. I have gladly heard that one of our professors is appointed as the Vice-Minister and the Minister of finance of Belgium. I remember that I had a good score in his class! I chose to study in a French school because I wished to have an international experience where people from all over the world study in one class. This could be difficult to achieve studying in another country. During vacations and holidays, I also traveled around Europe. To summarise, at EDHEC, we celebrate our differences with the same sense of community.