Cultivating global thinking

Chloé Potier, French, EDHEC-2021
Global Economic Transformation & Technology Track

The GETT programme responds to the key issue of new technologies and innovation by exposing us to cutting-edge practices and global trends. As part of our course, we will study on three different continents. I think openness and best management practices require an understanding of others. Thanks to the GETT programme, we will engage with the resident student body on each campus and cultivate global thinking. The international experience we will receive will open our minds and fine-tune our critical, conceptual and innovative problem-solving skills.

The EDHEC experience to date has been amazing. I have discovered subjects I never studied before and have become familiar with the business world. The business orientation of the Paris campus means we get to meet professionals and talk to them directly about their work. I think the programme is very rounded and meets the needs of companies. It prepares us to respond to issues that may arise and to face the challenges of tomorrow. Combined with my degree in engineering, the programme will give me all the tools I need to make an impact.