Constantin Wolform, French, EDHEC-2015
MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
Co-Founder, Pumpkin-Paris

“After our internships, my associate, Victor, and I immediately started up the Pumpkin project. It’s a simple and practical application which friends can use to reimburse each other. We virtually spent all our Master 2 year working on the project. This MSc was the perfect programme for us as we had been thinking about setting up our own business for quite some time. We worked very closely with EYE (EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs) incubator professors who coached us on our strategy and funding plans. Our fellow campus students were the first to use Pumpkin as this was the perfect ecosystem in which to beta-test our offer. The support we received from the EDHEC community was key to securing our current partners. Pumpkin now has over 100,000 users.”