Daria Bobukh, Russian, EDHEC-2017
MSc in International Finance
Product Developer at Silverfin-London

“I have chosen EDHEC as a priority. The school has an outstanding faculty, a broad curriculum and a great track record of preparing competitive professionals.” On top, EDHEC, is ranked very well in the world and Europe in particular. Being an undergraduate student I got the chance to experience French education system in a business school during my exchange in France. The MSc Finance programme perfectly fitted me and it seemed to be a very intensive and challenging course. EDHEC provides numerous opportunities for those who want to benefit from scholarships. When I passed all the necessary steps to join the EDHEC community (such as application and interview) and was admitted to the programme I applied for Eiffel scholarship. The selection of candidates was highly competitive and was based on academic excellence and a motivation letter proving why a student is the best fit for the scholarship. It should be said that it is the school that decides whether it wants to represent you for this scholarship or not. I was lucky to have such an opportunity to be selected by EDHEC as a candidate for this prestigious scholarship.

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