Go global!

Dorian Janvier, French, EDHEC-2020
Global Economic Transformation & Technology Track

« Innovation driven by new technologies and digital technology are topics I’m really into. When I learned about the Global Economic Transfomation & Technology track at EDHEC, I applied right away! I could not pass up the opportunity of studying business management and finance with a digital dimension and attending three such prestigious schools: EDHEC, SKK GSB in South Korea and UC Berkeley in the United States.

During my 6 months at SKK, I took general courses in business and finance that had an innovative edge. This first international experience was very enriching.

I am currently completing my gap year. I had the chance to spend the first eight months of my internships in a strategy and venture-development consulting firm. Thanks to EDHEC’s GETT programme, I got a placement in international growth strategy and was able to hit the ground running. I also got the opportunity to travel internationally for the firm.

I am now interning as a digital strategy analyst at Siparex, a private equity fund, supporting the fund's digital-transformation investments. After that, I will be heading to UC Berkeley for one full year, where my courses will focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. I can't wait! ».