Ethan Brown, American, EDHEC-2019
MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting

I selected EDHEC business school and the Masters in Management Program because I wanted to attend a top rank business school in Europe that would help me better my career prospects as well as to become fluent in my second foreign language. For me the program is a unique opportunity to study at a school where 1/3 of the students are international students and to receive training for an increasingly interconnected world. Currently I am at the end of the first semester and my next step is to begin my search for the first internship during my professional immersion. My last semester at EDHEC has been a myriad of experiences. EDHEC has challenged me with technical courses that look in-depth into aspects of different companies while at the same time trying to prepare students for the real world where our careers will take vastly different directions. This is my second time returning to France and I can easily say there are many reasons you should choose to study here. The first reason could be you choose to study in France to challenge yourself and to be different from other students entering the job market. You can learn a new language whilst, living in the wine, cheese, and bread country of the world (it’s the three key things to an amazing diet!). The third reason is to study at some of the top business schools in the world, and in English. The forth reason is to be able to travel during your studies due to the ease of travel and transportation in France. The last reason you should choose to study in France is to experience living and studying in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world