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The impact on my business sense

Huang ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2018
LL.M. in Law & Tax Management
Commercial and Contract Manager, Bombardier Transport-Lille

“I studied law for more than eight years and completed my studies in France and Spain, receiving a Master’s degree and Ph.D. in European business law. However, I realised that merely knowing the law was no longer sufficient in the business world. Nowadays, multinationals are looking for people who not only have a legal background, but also an acute business sense. For example, while legal arguments may prove key to business negotiations, it is business sensitivity and flexibility that may seal the deal.

I chose EDHEC because its LL.M. in Law and Tax Management provides students with a full skillset. In the first semester, we focused on building our professional skills, including in the areas of leadership, lobbying, commercial and litigation strategy, business decision-making, business ethics, risk management, and contract drafting. In the second semester, we shifted our focus to practical sectors including tax, intellectual property, contract management, capital markets, and finance.

All the professors are highly experienced and run training simulations, in addition to giving practical advice on a regular basis to prepare students for the real business world. What’s more, EDHEC’s Career Centre offers a huge networking capacity, which provides students with promising opportunities. 

The double perspective of my EDHEC education opened career doors for me. I benefited from the course’s dual legal and commercial focus, as well as the network I acquired at EDHEC. I am now Project Commercial and Contractual Manager for the Lille Region at Bombardier Transport, a leading global manufacturer of rolling stock. EDHEC truly helped me to make an impact.”