Huang ZHANG, Chinese, EDHEC-2018
LL.M. in Law & Tax Management
Project Contract Manager at Bombardier Transportation - Lille

"I have studied law for more than eight years and completed my studies in both France and Spain. I received a Master's as well as a PhD degree in European Business Law.

Despite that, I realised that mere knowledge in law is no longer sufficient in the real business world. Nowadays, multinationals are looking for talents who have not only a legal background but also an acute business sense. For a negotiation, a legal and proof-based argument is the cornerstone, but business flexibility enabling to step forward and down is also of key importance to the success of the negotiation.

I chose EDHEC because the programme of LLM in Law and Tax Management takes this approach and provides students a full set of training to conform perfectly to the needs of the multinationals. During the first semester, we were led to focus on the ability-building, including leadership, lobbying, commercial and litigation strategy, business decision-making, business ethics, risk management and contract drafting. During the second semester, we started to focus on different practical aspects such as tax, intellectual property, and contract management. All the professors as well as EDHEC Career Centre are fully experienced and can provide practical simulations to get students prepared to step into the real business world.

My EDHEC education background opened a door for me to get access to a career with an international perspective. I now work as Project Commercial Manager at Bombardier Transportation, a company based in France but with strong international interactions.

This is why I chose EDHEC, in particular the LL.M. in Law and Tax Management. It is more than a legal training since the program integrates real-world commercial strategies, management practices, and business principles. Through this programme, I was able to acquire a double legal and commercial competence, which makes me a competitive candidate for my future career."